SHOW # 1541 JULY 30 2012

Remember Brandi Chastain?  She was the U.S. Women's Soccer player who stripped down to her sports bra after the team won the World Cup in 1999?  That was 13 years ago and we're STILL fans.  Well, she's doing commentary as part of NBC's oh- so- stellar Olympic coverage.  Well, Hop Solo, the face of the current women's team (because she's hot and mouthy... true) went off on Brandi, via Twitter, after Brandi, rightfully, questioned the teams defense.  Now they've got beef.  Ah, twitter... a place to talk smack without actually having to confront someone.  On the other hand, for those who find Chris Brown interesting, you may remember that he and the artist Drake got into some kind of physical brouhaha... and then continued the beef, via twitter.  Why?  Well, aside from wanting everyone to know their business, they refuse to speak to each other.  Hell, when Van Halen abruptly cancelled their current tour, the assumption (meaning, the smart money) was that Eddie and DLR had another falling out.  After all, they hadn't talked in 20+ years leading up to it.  At least they didn't resort to twitter.  Anyway, most of us have a similar situation with SOMEONE, and we wanted to hear your pathetic story today:  BECAUSE OF A DISAGREEMENT, LATELY I HAVE A BEEF WITH _____.
His drunk aunt showed up to his sister's graduation party... she fell down the stairs and sued his father (her brother) for $50,000 SUCCESSFULLY! 
His sister... she's just a pain in the ass
Won't talk to his brother- in- law because he didn't buy his used Bow- Flex (as he promised) and now he has TWO Bow- Flex's in his garage instead of just one.  You can't make this stuff up
Hasn't talked to his step- father in over a year... step- dad didn't approve of his wife
Has a disagreement with a "Bible- Thumper" on his mother's side.  She very vocally opposes gay marriage and literally waves the Bible around when she goes on about it.  Typical cherry picker.  Read the WHOLE book and you'll have to oppose a great many things you take for granted everyday... but that would be too much trouble.
His beef is with his sister- in- law... his wife had surgery on Thursday and sis- in- law was supposed to watch the kids today.  Instead, she went to the gym and left the kids with the wife... who just had her chest sawed open a few days ago.  Ahhhhhh family!
Has a beef with his buddy who is an "awesome" guitar player but won't perform on a stage
His ex- wife... she keeps taking him to court for child support... his kids are 23- Goddamn- years- old
His ex- wife as well... in this case, he's paying child- support to HER for 2 kids... he has custody of one of them.  How the f**k does that work?  Washington State... brilliant!
OK bitches, I'm outta here for the day. 
Until tomorrow, can I get some remedy and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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07/30/2012 5:32PM
SHOW # 1541 JULY 30 2012
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