SHOW # 1542 JULY 31 2012

A 40- year- old guy in Kentucky (?) didn't recognize the picture of a guy on his live- in girlfriend's Facebook page, so he demanded to know who it was.  He assumed she was having an affair, so he snatched her laptop, smashed it into a wall and then punched her in the face.  The guy in the picture, by the way, was Mitt Romney.  Turns out the 40- year- old boyfriend was unaware of who Mitt Romney is.  In Washington DC, two guys got into a fight outside of a McDonald's.  One of them pulled a gun and promptly shot HIMSELF.  After being released from the hospital, he did "the Monopoly" and went straight to jail.  In Florida, a man was shot and killed by a 62- year- old woman nicknamed the Sea Hag.  What did he do to 'earn' a bullet?  He was sitting outside of a house drinking beer with friends, and when the lovely and provocative Sea Hag asked him for one he declined... so she shot him.  STAND YOUR GROUND!  And here in Washington State, the Pacific half in particular, you can count on a daily helping of drive- by shooting, road rage, child porn and hit- and- run's.  We excel at that type of thing.  Be proud.  Crime, tragic or petty, is a guaranteed fact of daily existence, so today we wanted to know:  WHAT CRIME WERE YOU MOST RECENTLY A VICTIM OF OR A PART OF?
Broke into a car and stole some iPads and laptops... I don't condone breaking into cars, but I'd also advise against leaving MULTIPLE iPads and laptops in your car
Was shopping for his Christmas dinner... came back from the store and someone had stolen all the food out of the car
Went to jail for shooting people with an Air Soft BB gun... and then walking into a bank to make a withdrawal, forgetting the his 'gun' was visible;  go t arrested on his way to Dairy Queen, but was caught by the cops.  This particular gentleman was arrested approximately 7 times by age 26, thanks to meth and booze.  Clean now
Sold guns in his younger day.  Had a moment of clarity when he was selling a sub- machine gun to a thuggy crack dealer and hasn't broken the law since.  Said he never considered what people did with those guns after he sold them.  What do you think ANYONE does with an ILLEGAL gun?
Someone stole her ID and ran up a bunch of charges
Someone broke into her car... they attempted to steal her CD player, but they couldn't figure out how to do it
Was held- up at gunpoint while taking a leak on the side of the road during a road trip... turns out he and his buddies were peeing in an orchard outside of a gang- affiliated meth lag.  What are the f**king chances?
Got stopped and antagonized by the police because someone ELSE threw a trash can but they assumed it was him
Got 2 felonies at age 14... involved breaking into a school, stealing money and master keys
He was the designated driver, took a leak outside and ended up getting tasered by a cop

Sit and Spin

Today Jolene came by with some whack ass song for Sit and Spin, click here to listen 

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07/31/2012 5:40PM
SHOW # 1542 JULY 31 2012
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