SHOW # 1544 AUGUST 2 2012

Remember Courtney Stodden?  Of course you.  She's the 17- year- old Washington State native who, with her stage- parent's blessing, married the exceptionally creepy, 51- year- old actor Doug Hutchison.  Contrary to the couple's initial denials, EVERYONE recognized this as a fast- track to the reality 'celebrity' status that Courtney and her mother so desperately desired.  Well, their dream is about to come true.  Stodden, Hutchison and her mother- turned- manager have signed an agreement with Merv Griffin Entertainment to appear on their own reality show.  Even though we all KNEW that this was the plan all along, we just didn't wanna KNOW about it.  We kinda hoping it already happened and we just didn't hear about it.  Speaking of things you didn't or don't wanna know AND women named Courtney, everybody's favorite STD with hair, Courtney Love, recently got owrd that some broad named Lana Del Ray covered Nirvana's "Heart Shaped Box".  What did Courtney do?  She tweeted Lana and let her know that "Heart Shaped Box" was about her vagina.  No one, and I mean NO ONE wanted to know that.  Besides, you'd think that any song about Courtney Love's vagina would have a title like "Fish and Chips" or "Scabs of Regret".  Anyway, they say that 'knowledge is power', but there's also that saying that 'ignorance is bliss'.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT DID YOU FIND OUT THAT YOU WOULD RATHER NOT HAVE KNOWN?
Found out that her ex likes to wear women's panties
Found out his wife was cheating on him... thanks to his 3- year- old kid
Just the idea that his parents STILL have sex disturbs him
Started dating an ex meth addict... she got drunk one night and she told him all the things she used to do for meth, and by 'things', of course I mean 'men'.  Not just WHAT she did, but how many different guys she did
Learned "too much" about his grandmother's sex life and STD history.  ANY amount of info regarding a grandmother's sex life and STD history is TOO much info
His first girlfriend (the one he lost his virginity to) admitted that when she first got curious about sex, she 'experimented' wit the dog.  The DOG
Assumed that his co- worker and his co- worker's "fat" ex wife were having sex in their van everyday at lunch.  Found out that his wife had gotten a yeast infection in a fat roll on her lower back and he was applying ointment
Found out what sea urchin tastes like... suggests that if you DON'T know what it taste like, don't bother to find out.  I'd have to agree.
Has bad kidneys, so he frequents the doctor's office... they just found a tumor in his lungs
His girlfriend's brother pointed out the guy who she lost her virginity to
When he was a teenager he found out that his mother was into leather and bondage... discovered it when he found some her "stuff" in a drawer.  He and his brother discovered it together and have not spoken about it to this day
Found out how sausage is made when he got a job at a butcher... not knowledge he enjoys having
About 10 years after the fact, he found out that his mother was having sex with 3 of his friends in high school
That's a lot of disturbing stuff... and I love it... because none of it involved me.
Until tomorrow, eat your veggies and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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08/02/2012 5:39PM
SHOW # 1544 AUGUST 2 2012
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