SHOW # 1557 AUGUST 28 2012

So, a 4- year- old kid in South Carolina got his mother in trouble when he told the cops that the "tea" his mother gave him at an Irsih pub "tasted funny", made him "dizzy" and that made him "laugh a lot".  Then he explained that she gave him similar "tea" at home.  as you have, no doubt, figured out, it wasn't tea, it was beer, and now mom (of the millennium) is under arrest.  I think I was about 12 when I had my first beer.  This kid did it (several times) at 4.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have a list of the oldest celebrity virgins.  The oldest person on the list is Lisa Kudrow, a.k.a., Phoebe from "Friends".  She was 31 when she was deflowered by her now- husband, but the oldest CURRENT virgin is Olympian Lolo Jones, who remains unsampled at the ripe old age of 30.  I went to school with a girl (who shall remain nameless) who lost her v- card in FIFTH GRADE!  Makes her the youngest person I've ever known personally to have sex.  I was 17 before I reached that milestone.  And it's not like I KEPT getting laid after that.  Anyway, today's question:  what were you the first of your friends to do or try?
First of his friends to try acid
Was the first cheerleader to have a smoking permit; a smoking permit is a parental permission slip to smoke at school.  Do they still allow that?  I remember that from my school days.
First to get drunk... drank a bottle of Andre at age 13.  He hasn't had Andre since then
Started smoking at 9- years- old, started drinking at 10 and started smoking weed at 10
First of his friends to use a chainsaw... he was 10
First to go to jail... did 6 months
Lose his virginity... thing is, he was the self- confessed dork of the group, so everyone assumed he'd be the last among them to sample the carnal lights
Started drinking coffee regularly at age 6
Got a fake ID at 16... leads me to believe that he was the hairiest of the bunch
First of his friends to have a kid... didn't give his age
Grw a beard and chest hair at age 14... still hairy
First to make his own booze (wine)... said it was terrible but it got him drunk
First to get an organ rebuilt... kidney was all messed up at age 17
First to get arrested... was 11 years old, and his parents were SO proud
Had sex with his friend's mother at age 17... what this implies is that he was the FIRST to have sex with his friend's mother. 
With Rock Out Hunger in full swing tomorrow, Jolene decided to grace us with bands that "put something in your stomach".  I was pushing for Rod Stewart.  Here's a
OK, hope to see you tomorrow at Rock Out Hunger.
Until tomorrow, rock it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

08/28/2012 5:52PM
SHOW # 1557 AUGUST 28 2012
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