SHOW # 1563 SEPTEMBER 7 2012

A new survey revealed that the Gateway Arch in St. Louis is the LEAST impressive U.S. landmark.  The Alamo finished second, while Mount Rushmore got an honorable mention.  My brother went to France, visited the Louvre Museum and laid eyes upon the world- renown and legendary Mona Lisa.  He wasn't impressed.  He pointed out that it's tiny and, frankly, it's a painting of an ugly woman.  The latest Batman movie generated a titanic amount buzz and was adored by critics.  Ben the Psycho Muppet went to see it and gave a review of, "meh".  Other examples of disappointment include things like FINALLY landing a date with that person you've been pining over for the last 6 months and it turns out that they're an idiot or an a**hole or they don't believe in premarital sex.  We wanted to know what disappointed you:  WHY WAS IT DISAPPOINTING?
Pot brownies... just didn't have the effect he was hoping for
Dinner at the Space Needle... said it was overpriced and bland.  To be fair, the Needle has FINALLY addressed this sentiment with a new chef, etc and has gotten great reviews, but for DECADES, every person that ate there said it was lame.  It only took about 47 years, but they've improved the food and the experience
The girl's boobs... looked great IN the bra, not so great OUT of the bra
Waited a month to sleep with his "hot" girlfriend... the big day finally came and he was appalled at her naughty- bits.  Compared her to Chewbacca
Disappointed when he lost his virginity... says the woman was "unclean".  Yea, but can beggars be choosers?
The Sphinx in Egypt... says the Pyramids were awesome, but the Sphinx was kinda lame.  I find that hard to believe, meaning I'd probably be disappointed too
Skydiving... says it starts with an adrenaline rush and then becomes anti- climatic.  While that is true, that's EXACTLY how you want skydiving to go
Mount Rushmore... it's not that it's so terribly unimpressive, I think it's more about the fact that it's so f**king far out of the way that it better be REALLY impressive to be worth the trip
The Sistine Chapel... points out that (1) the ceiling has been repainted, so you're not really looking at Michelangelo’s work and (2) you're not allowed to talk while you're there
OK bitches, I plan on riding off into that sunset known as Friday motherf**king night!
Have a good weekend and do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!

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09/07/2012 5:44PM
SHOW # 1563 SEPTEMBER 7 2012
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