SHOW # 1574 SEPTEMBER 21 2012

About 10:30 this morning in downtown Seattle, a security guard from the Mayflower Hotel (home of Oliver's Bar, where one of my favorite bartenders, Patrick, works) was shot in the hand after chasing down a masked gunman who'd robbed a nearby jewelry store.  The tussle that led to the shooting happened near the federal courthouse... which happens to be my exact path on my walk to work every morning.  In fact, my wife called me to make sure I hadn't (or had???) been shot.  I wasn't, but I did wander through the scene and see the aftermath first- hand.  Not what I was expecting to see this morning.  Not the first 'extreme' situation I've unknowingly walked into and it probably won't be the last.  Everyone I know has unexpectedly found themselves a witness to something insane, and that is the basis of today's question:  WHEN DID YOU INADVERTANTLY WITNESS THE 'S' HITTING THE FAN?
We got about a million stories today, so here is just a small sample of what we heard:
Saw two guys get shot at the Denny's in Parkland LAST NIGHT!  He'd been watching 'Robot Chicken' with a friend when they looked up and saw the shooting
In the early 90's, he worked as a painter at the Warner Brother's lot in L.A.  Witnessed Clint Eastwood melt into a rage because someone took his parking spot.  According to the caller, Clint went on a tirade against the two WHITE guys who'd parked in his spot and managed to call them (the white guys) the N- bomb no less than a dozen times.  ???  What a prick.
Saw a guy on a motorcyclist get hit by a fire truck... it was exactly like you pictured it; abrupt and messy
She was in Cairo, Egypt when the Egyptians decided to join the "Arab Spring".  Riots broke out, cars on fire, etc.  She and her entourage were encouraged to leave.
He was installing a roof on a home when the husband who owned the house came home and discovered that his wife was cheating on him.  The husband didn't walk in the wife... that would be too easy.  Instead, the plumber admonished the husband for flushing his condoms down the toilet.  The husband didn't use condoms.  Awkward.
saw a guy get shot in high school
In an odd story, a woman explained that she saw her friend get stabbed in the neck without actually seeing her friend get stabbed in the neck.  She saw her friend in a fight and then noticed the pool of blood forming around his neck
He was at the 1989 world Series sitting in the upper deck when the earthquake hit
He was a guard at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta when the bomb went off about 50 yards away
You know him as the lead singer of System of a Down... and so do we, but he joined in studio today.  He has a show tonight at Showbox Market and he dropped by to NOT really talk about that.  We talk politics, religion, whatever... the dude is too cool.  Too cool.
Ok bitches, if you go to the Sounders game tomorrow, maybe I'll see you there.  If not, have a good weekend anyway.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/21/2012 5:24PM
SHOW # 1574 SEPTEMBER 21 2012
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