SHOW # 1575 SEPTEMBER 24 2012

Green Day's Billy Joe Armstrong had a meltdown on stage last Friday and now he's in treatment for substance abuse.  Unfortunately, the 'substance' in question is NOT eyeliner.   *The beer Natural Ice was heavily involved in two seperate- yet- equally violent crimes, and in neither case was anyone actually drinking it.  *A man faked a brain injury so a woman would change his soiled diaper... again.  Yes, again.  *A man in New Zealand had to go to the hospital to get the eel he shoved up his butt extracted from that very rectum.  *A one- armed, one- legged, wheelchair- bound man, armed with an ink pen was shot dead by police in Houston because the police felt 'threatened'.  In other news, the cops in Houston are easily threatened.  These are just some of the stories that caught our collective eye over the weekend and we did what we could to talk about each and every one of them.  Today was the Monday Random Question.
That's pretty much all I've got... unless you wanted to have a lengthy discussion about how awesome it was to watch the Ravens beat the Patriots (for once) during regular season.  Fantastic. 
Alright bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, rock, roll and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/24/2012 5:24PM
SHOW # 1575 SEPTEMBER 24 2012
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