SHOW # 1576 SEPTEMBER 25 2012

So the Seattle Seahawks 'stunned' the Green Bay Packers last night when quarterback Russell Wilson threw a 24- yard interception as time ran out... but the Seahawks were granted a touchdown anyway, giving the 'Hawks the victory.  Thanks to NFL rules, the 'Hawks 'victory' won't be reversed, in spite of the replacement officials getting the call wrong.  Coach Pete Carroll made no apologies for his team's fake victory, but why should he?  He didn't make the call, the "officials" did.  Basically, they blew it, screwed up, missed an opportunity.  While the Seahawks so- called victory is a disgrace, it's not a tragedy, by any means.  For that we go Ohio, where a nurse accidentally flushed a viable donor- kidney down the toilet.  The intended kidney recipient was supposed to receive the kidney (donated by her brother) but the nurse mistook if for medical waste and flushed it... as opposed to placing it in a medical waste bin, as is standard procedure.  No word on the patient's condition, but I think we can guess.  To say that the nurse blew it is an understatement.  In New York, a $500,000 patrol boat sank after a crew member opened a hatch on the ship's hull... while it was in the water.  And in Massachusetts, a woman took her cat tot he vet for a routine, flea bath, but due to a mix up, the cat was euthanized instead.  Oops.  Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we fail... and we fail epicly:  WHAT WAS YOUR MOST EPIC FAIL?
Was asked to watch his neighbor's "prize- winning" bird when she went out of town... went to feed the bird and it flew out of the cage and just circled the room.  After getting tired of chasing it, he went to the bathroom.  When he returned, his car had killed the bird
Tuning into our show
Works as a landscaper and accidentally knocked out cable to an entire neighborhood
Was dating two women at the same time and decided that he would break up with the uglier of the two.  Sent the break- up text to the hot one and ended up 'stuck' with the ugly one
Tried to jump a 10- foot berm on a mountain bike... what he ended up doing is breaking three ribs
Had sex with a girl, started really liking her and brought her home.  His father said something to the effect of "Oh, I see you met your cousin".  Awkward
Bought a new convertible and flipped it the first day he had it
Meant to send his girlfriend at the time a "funny penguin video"... accidentally sent her a link to midget porn.  she didn't see the humor and they didn't date very long
Challenged Phoenix Jones to a dance- off... turns out that Phoenix can dance is super- hero ass off.  Who knew?
A hot chick was "helping him" pee at a party; basically, she stood behind him and began rubbing his man- satchel while he peed... as a result of amorous massage, he farted on her arm
Went to Australia and found himself in a threesome... instead of having sex, he passed out and peed himself
OK, the computer is getting a little weird and uncooperative, so I'm gonna split.
Until tomorrow, do- do- do dang and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/25/2012 5:39PM
SHOW # 1576 SEPTEMBER 25 2012
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