SHOW # 1577 SEPTEMBER 26 2012

Everyone is late on occasion.  You try not to be, but sometimes you just can't help it.  The question is; how late you can be before it's just plain rude?  Well, the folks at Timex conducted a survey to see what the acceptable grace period is, depending on what it is you're late to.  There's a difference between 5 minute late to a family reunion and 5 minutes late to a job interview.  Timex also conducted a survey to find out just how much time the average person spends waiting for things like 'in line' at the store, in traffic or how long you spend waiting for your significant other to get ready.  Timex wasn't done... oh no... they also surveyed folks to get a consensus on how long we should wait before handling an awkward situation, i.e., giving a parent a dirty look for a loud baby, or honking at a green light, etc.  And speaking of waiting, McDonald's announced that fans of the McRibb will have to wait an additional month for their bi- annual treat and in advance of the release of the iPhone 5, some fan boys and girls waited in line for upwards of 4 days.  WHO OR WHAT ARE YOU ALWAYS WAITING FOR, AND WHAT, TO YOU, IS WORTH THE WAIT?
He's waiting for a new NBA team here in Seattle... finally saw anthrax play live after years and years and says it was worth the wait
Always waits for her boyfriend to get home before she'll make dinner... wouldn't matter, but his schedule changes a lot and, frankly, she gets hungry
Waiting for his (busy) son to visit him... his son lives in Texas and keeps NOT coming to Seattle, but dad says it'll be worth it when he finally does bring his ass here
Always waiting for his paycheck because he lives paycheck to paycheck... but the cigarettes that he buys on payday are always worth the wait
His friend is always late
Currently waiting for his disability to come through
Waiting for a $$$ settlement from a motorcycle accident... will get about 30 g's and plans on buying 2 cars; one to drive day to day, the other to drift

Tom dropped by today to chat about all things funny and or weird.  It's what he and we do.  If you missed it, he's on the BJ Shea Morning Experience tomorrow morning.  How about them apples?
OK, I'm outta here, bitches.
Until tomorrow, sack it, crack it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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09/26/2012 5:52PM
SHOW # 1577 SEPTEMBER 26 2012
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