SHOW # 1584 OCTOBER 5 2012

Google Street View launched in 2007 in a handful of cities.  Now, 5 years later, the search engine's mapping technology allows users to explore Antarctica, the Kennedy Space Center or their old (or current) neighborhood.  As has been well- documented, the cameras of Google Street View have ALSO captured unexpected images like naked people bathing on their front porch, people passed out drunk on park benches, people falling off of their bikes and my personal favorite, a woman giving birth on a SIDEWALK!  Hell, about 2 weeks ago, one Street View image went viral; it features some 'hood rat in Detroit standing in his front yard aiming a gun at the very Google van taking the pictures.  Turns out that there was a homicide investigation at the same address.  Anyway, it's these candid shots that make Street View so awesome.  People do weird things, disgusting things, silly things, bizarre and violent things... and thanks to Street View, we all get to see some of it.  We don't know what you or your neighbors do in your slice of paradise, but today we wanted to know:  IF GOOGLE STREET VIEW WERE TO VISIT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AT THE WRONG TIME, WHAT MIGHT THEY SEE?
His friends playing the game 'You Honk, We Drink'
Him crawling on the street in his underwear... on his way TO the bar.  You're doing it wrong
All of the feral cats and stray dogs that mill around the neighborhood, plus all of the burned out car.  Apparently he lives in a post- Apocalyptic wasteland from the future
His "hairy" neighbor smoking cigarettes outside naked
Him, like me, peeing outside
The infinite number of neighbors with their cars up on blocks
The cops raiding any number of meth labs
He was actually caught watering his garden with a mimosa in his hand... problem is, based on the angle of the picture, it looks like he's peeing while drinking
People would see the portable stripper pole he has in his car port... don't ask
Having sex on his back porch
Someone, anyone, peeing on his house... lucky guy
All of the hookers on the street... live on Aurora?
Lives in the University District so there are all types of odd happenings
He and his wife having sex outside
His roommate in his Speedo.  Apparently he does this all time
Shaving her legs on the front porch, using a garden hose... can I just say SEX- SAY!
OK bitches, the weekend is here and I need to prepare for (well, a bunch of sh*t( but namely, the Sounders game Sunday.  Scarves up, voices at full throat.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/05/2012 5:31PM
SHOW # 1584 OCTOBER 5 2012
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