SHOW # 1586 OCTOBER 9 2012

32- year- old Florida native Edward Archibald made national news recently when he entered a competition to win a free python from a local pet store.  Basically, whoever could eat the most roaches and worms won the snake... and Ed was the big winner after eating "dozens" of roaches and worms.  We'd congratulate him but before he could claim his slithery prize, he died... after eating dozens of roaches and worms.  Then there's Felix Baumgartner, the Red Bull skydiver who, today, was gonna jump out of a balloon 23 miles above the Earth.  His plan was to freefall for 22 of the 23 miles in an effort to break the sound barrier.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, due to weather conditions, the jump/ fall had to be cancelled today.  Most of us have no plans to freefall 22 miles or eat roaches and worms, but it doesn't mean we haven't attempted something incredibly stupid just to be able to brag about it later.  That's what we wanted to talk about today:  WHAT GENIUS IDEA DID YOU TRY AND WHO WERE YOU TRYING TO IMPRESS?
Tried to impress his cousin by performing a hands- free front- flip... broke his arm instead
Jumped out of a tree... from 25 feet... broke his arm
Tried to get backstage at a Sevendust show... got busted 3 times but thanks to her perseverance (and, presumably, her breasts) she finally made it back there
Used to climb the radio towers on top of Queen Anne
Jumped off of a roof using a plastic grocery bag as a parachute... it worked exactly as well as you'd imagine
Ate a 5 pound can of caramel for $3
Did a double flip off of a bridge into the water... problem was, he hit the water face- first and knocked out all of his teeth
Decided to mess with a beehive... after getting stung in the face multiple times, he agrees that it's rarely a good idea to mess with a beehive
Decided to pick a fight with some dude to impress a girl... the other guy punched him once and broke his jaw in 3 places
Took acid AND ex at Woodstock '99... he's not saying he had a bad trip, but he sat on top of a Porta- John "Indian style" screaming "I can see you!"... for 6 hours
Decided to cook a "gourmet" meal for a date... set off the fire alarm and the fire department showed up.  Other than that, he sais the date went very well
Tried to hurdle a parking sign in downtown Seattle and ended up splitting his TESTICLES open
Entered a wet t- shirt contest to impress a bar owner... she lost
Ever wonder what the 10 greatest Southern rock songs of all time are?  No?  Well, we have the answer anyway!
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, hell or hajellulah so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/09/2012 5:31PM
SHOW # 1586 OCTOBER 9 2012
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