SHOW # 1595 OCTOBER 23 2012

The fine folks at mental floss provided us a list of "50 Prison Slang Words to Make You Sound Like a Tough Guy".  That's right, they offer a list to help you sell 'wolf tickets' without being a 'monkey mouth'.  Click the link... or go to prison... to understand what I'm talking about.  Meanwhile, actor Chevy Chase continues to be unhappy with everyone and everything on the set of NBC's "Community", and, as usual, he went off on a tirade on- set.  That's not really news, as Chevy is a notorious pre- Madonna... but when he dropped the N- bomb, he immediately apologized... although, we're pretty sure it's only because his two black cast- mates were on- set.  And then there's Tom Hanks dropping an accidental F- bomb during a live interview on "Good Morning America" last Friday.  The good news for Tom Hanks is that he's Tom Hanks, so there's been no fall- out from anyone.  It's good to be Tom Hanks.  You'd think that he would know that 'fudge', 'frak', and 'fiddlesticks' have been used in place of 'f**k' for years.  Sometimes it's the company you're in and sometimes it's that ridiculous thing called 'political correcteness', today we wanted to know:  WHEN SPEAKING IN CODE, I NOW USE ______ IN PLACE OF OTHER CHOICE WORDS.
Pulling tubes = bong hits.  I thought everyone used that term at some point another
Boss = n- bomb.  Says he only used it around his black friend when singing Jay- Z songs that involve the N- bomb.
Holy Ishmael = holy sh*t
Take a walk = smoke a cigarette
"Oh Fudgesickle!" = F*CK!!!
Cheese and Rice = Jesus Christ
Cardio = sex.  This was from a woman who often poops while jogging.  Just sayin'
Veggies = booze
Knee deeps = black people.  His friend visited Atlanta and mentioned that it was "knee deep" in black people
Miley Sinus = cocaine.  Seriously people, when coming up with drug slang, stop using references to your nose for coke and stop describing weed with everything that's green.  It's so f**king obvious that you might as well just say "coke" or "weed"
Mormon code for an ugly girl is "sweet spirit"... which isn't all that different from everyone else
Campbell's soup = hot women (Mmm, mmm good)
And my favorite from the day:  make hot pockets = have sex
In an effort to life our spirits, Jolene brought us the top 10 songs played at funerals!!! 
Here's the link:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, smell it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/23/2012 6:03PM
SHOW # 1595 OCTOBER 23 2012
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