SHOW # 1600 Octrober 31 2012

So today is Halloween.  Back in the day, parents sent you on your way, you rang doorbells, toilet papered houses, came home a few hours later and ate candy until you threw up nugget.  Then, parents starting escorting their kids door- to- door, feeling that it was safer than sending them out on their own.  Now, despite every available statistic proving the belief to be untrue, parents organize Halloween parties because of the perceived dangers of child abductions, poisonings and other 'boogie- man' style shenanigans.  Sucks for kids, but that's how it goes these days.  In a completely unrelated story, actor Kelsey Grammer (rightfully) caught heat after bringing his 3- month- old daughter to a Halloween party... AT THE PLAYBOY MANSION!  In his defense, Kelsey says that he couldn't find a baby- sitter.  Sometimes, man, you've just gotta stay home with the kids.  Anyway, Halloween has lost some its magic luster and Kelsey Grammer is the personification of a buzz- kill.  Today’s question:  WHATDID YOUR PARENTS DO WITH YOU THAT YOU WOULD NEVER DREAM OF DOING WITH YOUR OWN CHILDREN?
Dad smoked weed with him when he was 13
Left him home alone with booze available.  My parents did the same thing but we just KNEW that that would be our ass
Used to get left in the car while his parents went into the bar and got hammered... and then drive home
Used to get his ass beaten with a belt... me too, on occasion
Parents used to take him to a nude beach
Ride in the bed of a pick up... we used to beg to ride in the bed, and if we were 'good', our wish was granted
Dad showed him how to roll joints at age 10
Put him on a bike and pushed him down a hill... he broke both legs
Dad would chase tornadoes with the kids in the car
Dad would take her to AA meetings AND to Christmas tree farms to steal Christmas trees
Mom would leave her and her two younger siblings alone at home for DAYS while she did drugs
Smoked inside around the kids
Ah, how times have changed.  Can you imagine doing any of the above in modern times... with other people being aware of it?  You'd have your kids taken away... probably.
OK bitches, let's get our trick- or- treat on!
Until tomorrow, satisfy your sweet tooth and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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10/31/2012 6:04PM
SHOW # 1600 Octrober 31 2012
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