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So David Petraeous had an affair with his biographer.  Unlike John Edwards or Tiger Woods, the woman Petraeus had an affair with, Paula Broadwell, is actually fairly attractive.  Petraeus, on the other hand, is not- so- good- looking... but unlike you and me, he was the head of the frickin' CIA.  With THAT kind of clout, even someone as ugly as Petraeus can land a hot broad.  If he's not the head of the CIA, there's no way he sleeps with Broadwell.  Back in 1994, 89- year- old, wheelchair bound J. Howard Marshall married the then- 26- year- old Anna Nicole Smith.  At the time, Anna Nicole was all the rage.  So how did a shriveled up old man with a face that looks like old salami land a sex symbol?  He was a billionaire... that's how.  We know how the world works; celebrities and the well- to- do have hot spouses.  Most of us, however, are neither celebrities nor well- to- do, meaning, ladies, us guys have to come up with something else to 'extend our penises', so to speak.  Maybe we drive a ferrari, or wear the latest fashion or claim to be an air force pilot.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT WOULD YOU CONSIDER YOUR OR YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER'S PENIS EXTENDER?
Puts out on a first date
Tries to be funny... we don't know if he's actually funny, but he tries because he's not very good looking
He's a fire spinner, which he assures us, gets the chciks
Single dad with a daughter... women LOVE it
Served in the Marines for 4 years... thing is, he got out of the Marines 21 years ago and he STILL gets ass because of it
His 2007 GSXR 1000 racing bike... chicks dig it
He can cook AND he works in finance
Can play piano... the ultimate penis extension
Kind of looks like Justin Timberlake and this works to his advantage.  It also works to Justin Timberlake's advantage
Her ex- husband was a NAVY SEAL (big penis) and then he went to med school (bigger penis)
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  We're off next week for Thanksgiving.  We'll be back on Monday the 26th.  Have a good holiday, eat a lot of turkey and avoid the vegetables.
Until next time, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/16/2012 6:00PM
SHOW # 1611 MOVEMBER 16 2012
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11/16/2012 8:24PM
Your right on
Last page of the liberal Newsweek 11/12/12 edition, General Petraeus rules for living, very interesting that he expounds on the need for leadership by example yet he is not above adultery himself. What an example for the troops or men in general. Its OK to cheat on your commitments and to a holy God(Christ). What we need in this country is more men that lead by the right example - living by the holy spirit - You only get one life or shot at eternal life. If you lose that, you lose ALL.
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