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The Powerball drawing for the $580 million dollar jackpot was last night and, in spite of millions upon millions of tickets being sold, only 2 tickets matched the winning numbers.  One was sold in Arizona, the other in Missouri.  I think we can all agree that whoever bought the tickets, they're lucky... and deep down, we all hate them for it.  Speaking of luck, Hostess, the bakery that just went bankrupt, cut 18,000 jobs, stopped contributing to union pension plans AND no longer pays retirement benefits... they're asking a judge to approve bonuses for 19 "high level" managers.  That's right, like the banking industry, Hostess wants to reward the people who drove the company into the ground.  Hard to believe they're going out of business.  On that note, CNN, which has been slipping in the rating for about the last 5 straight years, announced today that they've hired Jeff Zucker as their President.  Who is Jeff Zucker?  He's the man who single- handedly sunk NBC to last place (LAST place) in major broadcast news networks.  That would include MSNBC, which has fewer viewers than CNN, so CNN hired HIM.  Talk about lucky.  Some people, as they say, have all the luck, but you're probably not one of those people.  Today we wanted to know:  WHO'S THE LUCKIEST S.O.B. YOU KNOW?
Her friend always gets "free" stuff... thing is, as she explained her 'freebies', it occurred to us that her friend didn't get free stuff, she just accepted stuff that she shouldn't have gotten. 
His undeserving buddy has a "hot" wife and a "good" job
Ex wife... she got the house in the divorce (shocking... I know!), never paid the mortgage for 2 years, walked away with no trouble; got a NEW house and car as well as the kids, plus $1500 a month from him and an additional $900 in child support
Older brother... won $30,000 in 2 weeks at casinos
Used to work at a bingo hall in a casino and this one complete assh*le who came in twice a day always won.  Everyone hated him, but he always won
Was in Afghanistan and got shot through the neck... somehow the bullet missed everything vital.  Doesn't mean it didn't hurt, but it didn't kill him
His friend stole a car (first and only time ever), drove it for a week, crashed it, ran from the cops and thanks to his lawyer, avoided getting charged with anything
My favorite answer of the day:  anyone not married to his wife
Bitches, time for me to hit the road... and watch some NFL football!
Until tomorrow, keep the faith and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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SHOW # 1615 MOVEMEBR 29 2012
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