SHOW # 1616 MOVEMBER 30 2012

The current darling of the internet is an NYPD cop who was photographed in Time's Square giving a homeless guy a pair of new boots.  In a nutshell, Officer Lawrence DePrimo was working his post, spotted the barefoot guy (in 36- degree weather), went into a store, bought him some boot and helped the guy put them on.  Anyway, a tourist snapped a photo and Officer DePrimo's act of humanity has become the current feel- good story.  That wasn't his intent; he was exercising that thing called 'universal brotherhood', and now everyone knows who he is.  On the other end of the spectrum is Henry McCullough.  Henry is a guitarist who played with Paul McCartney in Wings (in fact, he plays guitar on "Live and Let Die"), played with Joe Cocker at a little shindig called Woodstock and, if you're familiar with "Money" by Pink Floyd (and who's not?) you've heard him a million times.  He's the person talking at the end of the song.  Everyone assumed it was a member of Floyd, but no, that's Henry talking... about a drunken fight he'd had with his wife.  In spite of his contributions to the musical world, when he suffered a heart attack 3 weeks ago and was taken to the hospital in critical condition, no one knew who he was.  It goes that way sometimes; you do something pretty awesome... or SEVERAL things that are awesome... and no one is aware that you've done it.  WHAT COOL THING HAVE YOU DONE THAT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT?
Just donated his NHL tickets to a charity in Detroit... he's Red Wings fan, but since he lives in Silverdale, there's little chance of him going to a game.  Nevertheless, instead of selling them, he gave them away
Elope... guess that's the whole point of eloping; no one knows you're doing it.  Fellas, if you find yourself a woman who'd rather elope, she's a keeper or a psychopath
Every home Seahawks game, he and his wife pass out sleeping bags to the homeless... the bags include stuff like socks, food, hand- warmers, etc
Has helped people buy groceries
Stopped a kidnapping in California... didn't know it was kidnapping attempt until after the cops arrived... saw a guy beating up some chick, went over for that reason and discovered that the dude was trying to kidnap the lady.  Said she was thankful and pretty good looking
Flies a lot for work, so any time he gets an upgrade, he gives it to a member of the military
Did Habitat for Humanity in Jacksonville, Florida and worked with former President Jimmy Carter
Every Christmas, her son picks a name/ address at random from the phone book and they send them an anonymous card and $5.00.  The real story is that they have a phone book
OK bitches, I'm outta here for the weekend.  Band practice tomorrow; Castle and I will be playing a couple of tunes with our buddies (Frank and Andy from Jellyneck and Kyyle from Superfecta) on December 15th at the Porn Jam.  Always a good time.  Plus, I need to get ready for the Ravens/ Steelers game on Sunday.  GO RAVENS!!!
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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11/30/2012 5:34PM
SHOW # 1616 MOVEMBER 30 2012
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