SHOW # 1621 DECEMBER 07 2012

I think it's safe to say that no one wants bed bugs.  In the last few years we've been hearing about the inexplicable infestation in New York City hotel rooms, but now the problem is more wide- spread.  Seems that bed bugs are now showing up in LIBRARY BOOKS... including at the University of Washington.  The head of preservation services at the library admits to the problem... but she assures us that placing the books in an 18 degree freezer solves the problem.  Either way, now people are getting bed bugs from books.  Not that anyone wants an STD either, but at least you get to enjoy some sexy- time to earn one.  Know what else no one wants; death threats... and most of us avoid such things, but a Baltimore sportscaster has received THOUSANDS of death threats... not for anything HE did, but it just happens that his name is Gerry Sanduski, same as Jerry Sanduski... the Penn State assistant coach who molested and raped numerous young men over the last few decades.  And speaking of things that nobody wants, we also have 2 lists, just in time for the holidays; "The 10 Worst Gifts Men Buy for Women" and "The 10 Worst Gifts Women Buy for Men".   Bed bugs, STD's, death threats and crappy gifts, today we wanted to know:  HOW DID YOU GET THAT THING YOU DIDN'T WANT?
Got crabs from a hot tub rental place OR the woman he was with at the time, but, scarily enough, he thinks it's from the hot tub
Heroically helped fight a wild fire... got poison oak for his efforts
Had to pay someone $20 to haul away a giant painting of a vagina that was left in his living room when his swinger roommates moved out.  It was too big to fit in the trash and the roommates refused to take it with him.  Didn't expect that answer today
HPV... a "casual" friend from back in the day passed it onto him and he, subsequently, passed it on to two other women
Decided not to wear a condom, and for the added sensation, he got the clap
He got herpes from a stripper... and the only person who's surprised by this is him
For Christmas last year, his mother bought him a back- hair trimmer... that he never asked for.  Subtle
His girlfriend once bought him a penis pump... very telling
Chronic gout, sleep apnea, cancer, diabetes, and allergies... all the result of bad genetics
Guess what?  The weekend is here, amigos.  Make it a good one.  If you're at the 'Hawks/ Cardinals game this Sunday, I'll look for you.  I won't look hard, but I'll look a little.
Until next time, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/07/2012 5:13PM
SHOW # 1621 DECEMBER 07 2012
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