SHOW # 1622 DECEMBER 11 2012

The Australian radio station behind the hoax phone call to the London hospital where the pregnant Kate Middleton was being treated could face CRIMINAL charges for airing the conversation.  If you don't know, last week, two Aussie DJ's posed as members of the Royal Family and convinced a nurse (who died a few days later... hmmmm?) to share confidential information about Kate.  Since then, there's been all manner of fallout, including the firing of the DJ's.  From our perspective, they should have been fired for making a prank phone call in general.  That's bush- league radio at its worst.  Is it 1986 again?  Come on.  Meanwhile, MTV is planning a reality show based on and based in West Virginia.  We don't know anything about it and none of us have seen any clips, but we feel very, very, very confident that, like Jersey Shore, the show will emphasize the stereotypes that already exist.  Miles is already preparing for the onslaught of jokes and ridicule.  That's how it goes sometimes; you become guilty by loose association.  If you're a priest who's NOT pedophile, these last few years have been most unkind; if you're a politician with a clue or a genuine desire to move the country forward, no one believes you; if you're a used car salesman, a lawyer or a Star Wars fan, you know all too well that there a lot of people out there who make you look bad.  WHO HAS GIVEN YOUR PROFESSION OR YOUR 'KIND' A BAD NAME?
Moved from Alaska just when Sarah Palin hit the scene... everyone assumed he was as stupid as she is
He's a repo gy and he says that all the repo "reality" shows make his job look violent... to be fair, he pointed out that he's been shot in the chest, stabbed in the ass and spit on a few times, so, you know
Grew up in Enumclaw... the 'death by sex with a horse' story has haunted him for years and shows no signs of going away
Works as a guard at a prison and claims that "fat, lazy" security guards make him look bad
He's a talent scout for singing, acting and modeling... everyone assumes he's a sex- crazed scumbag
Works for Fed- Ex and has gotten grief since LAST Christmas when the ONE Fed- Ex driver was caught on video throwing a flat screen TV over a fence
Kevin James made him look bad in the movie "Mall Cop" because he, himself, is a mall cop who is not stupid or incompetent
He's on the paperwork side of doing mortgages... loan officers make him look bad.  Really, really bad
Bellevue women make her look bad because she, too, is a Bellevue woman, but is not a gold- digger and doesn't bleach her hair or augment her breasts, etc
Just in time for the holidays, Jolene brought us this year's crop of gift- ready box sets, collector's editions, etc.  
Until tomorrow, I'll wait for you there, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/11/2012 5:46PM
SHOW # 1622 DECEMBER 11 2012
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