SHOW # 1624 DECEMBER 13 2012

To the surprise of absolutely no one in Washington State, the city of Bellevue has more cougars... as in, older, horny ladies seeking younger men... than any other city in the state.  Like I said, no one should be surprised.  Bellevue is well known for its cougar population and, frankly, that's why young, single guys in Lucky jeans bother to visit Bellevue.  If you're hungry, you go where the food is.  Bellevue is where Demi Moore would be at home, or Madonna.  Of course, men are always on the prowl for some sweet, young thing too.  Some guys, like Doug Hutchison, go the unfortunate extreme and marry an underage gold- digger.  46- year- old actor David Cross married 29- year- old Amber Tamblyn (well done, dude), Harrison Ford is 22 years older than the skeletal Calista Flockheart, Michael Douglas has 25 years on Catherine Zeta- Jones and the very creepy Woody Allen is 35 years older than his current wife AND former step- daughter (WTF, Woody???) Soon- Yi Previn.  Today we wanted to know the largest number of years you traversed in your own sexual time machine:  HOW MANY YEARS APART WAS YOUR BIGGEST SEX BRIDGE... AND HOW DID YOU PULL IT OFF?
When he was 21, he got with a 41- year- old woman... when they got to her house, he saw a picture of her and her kid; he'd gone to school with the kid.  Still had sex with the kid's mom though
She was 22 years older than the Marine she had sex with in Vegas.  Aw, it's Vegas, no worries.
He's 32 and currently dating a 19- year- old
When he was 23, he found himself a 40- year- old broad
He's 36 and his (current) wife is 24
When he was 36 he shacked up with a 52- year- old lady
His biggest age gap was 10 years... he was older and the woman had a crush on him so he took advantage.  We call that "doing the Tom Cruise"
At age 18, she hooked up with a 71 year old... not sure how it happened, but if I make it to 71, I hope I can find a way to recreate this guy's magic
He was 35, she was 18... it was just sex, no relationship. 
As a young, 24- year- old man fresh outta the closet, a 54 year old man schooled in the ways of gay sex
Sure, he was 15 and, yea, she was 42, which, you know, made the whole thing illegal, but he consented because he's not a fool
At age 37, he's currently getting smooth up in a 50- year- old woman... met her after getting out of jail.  Went to jail after running a guy over with his pick- up truck.  The guy he ran over is now in a wheelchair and is paralyzed from the waist down
He was 42, she was 18... age difference, 24 years
He was 18, and after some smooth talk, he shacked up with a 50- year- old co- worker of his mother
He's 22 and his current girlfriend is 41... they met at a costume party... while he was tripping on molly
Hooked up with a woman 31 years older
Now that you know about everyone else's sexual conquests, I'll leave you to think about how lame you are!  You're welcome.
Until tomorrow, I'm not you're rolling wheel, but STAY BEAUTIFUL!!

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12/13/2012 5:26PM
SHOW # 1624 DECEMBER 13 2012
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