SHOW # 1628 DECEMBER 19 2012

Last week we told you how a 13- year- old girl gained support from celebrity TV chefs when she petitioned toy- maker Hasbro to create a 'gender- neutral' Easy- Bake Oven.  After meeting with the girl, Hasbro announced on Monday that they will, in fact, make black and silver versions to appeal to both boys and girls.  Now, the girl's parents can always brag that their daughter is responsible for the new toy your son is embarrassed to own.  Meanwhile, since being posted to You Tube last night, over 3 million people have watched the video of a golden eagle swooping down and snatching a baby in a park.  Turns out that the video was a hoax created by 3 Canadian animation students.  That's a shame too because the kid in the video would have had a helluva story to tell.  And as of this morning, parents of a Tacoma high school student can tell the story about that time their kid managed to have an entire school evacuated because of what was initially reported as a homemade bomb.  Turns out it was a firework, but why let the truth get in the way of a juicy headline?  Whatever the case, the kid is in trouble and you can bet that his parents will be sharing that story until his dying day.  Today we wanted YOU TO FILL- IN- THE- BLANK:  my parents always tell the story growing up when ________ happened to me.
Got arrested at age 11 for stealing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure... never found out which character it was
First time in Confession, he had to do the sign of the cross.  He did it once and the priest said, "do it again, louder".  What the priest meant was, say the little prayer thing that goes with it, but the caller didn't know that, so he did the sign of the cross HARDER... slapping himself as he did it
Was on one of those drive- thru safaris in San Diego when he was a kid.  At some point you could get out of the car and see some animals close up.  A guy was there holding a cheetah on a leash.  Our caller stepped on it's foot by accident, felt bad about it and kissed the thing on it's nose.  How he wasn't mauled, we'll never know.
Instead of telling stories about him, his family prefers to show the video of him being "molested" by a dog
He was in the D.A.R.E. program as a kid... mom took him grocery shopping and he called her out for buying beer
Almost fell off of an Alaskan ferry when he was 2 years old... from that point on, he was on a leash.  Keep in mind, this was in the 70's, before they had 'child leashes', so he was on an actual dog leash
In church when he was a kid, he was sitting on the toilet and hadn't mastered the art of the ass- wipe, so when he finished the 'important' part, he yelled for his mother to come and wipe his ass.  He yelled for her during a silent prayer
Crapped herself on a sliding board at Toys R Us... she didn't just get sh*t in her hair, she left a brown streak down the center of the slide
Thought he'd grabbed some Binaca breath spray and sprayed it into his mouth... it wasn't Binaca, it was MACE!  I'll leave you with that.
Until tomorrow, lick it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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12/19/2012 5:31PM
SHOW # 1628 DECEMBER 19 2012
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