SHOW # 1633 JANUARY 4 2013

So there was a fight at a Subway sandwich shop in Orlando, Florida on Tuesday night.  Customer wanted ketchup on his sandwich.  The sandwich maker pointed out that they didn't have ketchup, and that Subway has never had ketchup.  Well, that led to a fight between the very angry customer and the sandwich guy.  Look, we don't understand it either, but this is Florida we're talking about, so...  The thing that caught our attention, however, was that the guy ordered a Philly cheesesteak.  From our perspective, who the f**k puts ketchup on their cheesesteak?!?  That borders on sacrilege.  Ketchup on a cheesesteak is akin to eating cereal in a bowl full of Pepsi.  You might like it, but it doesn't make it right.  All of us, on some level, part ways with tradition to the chagrin of those around us.  Maybe you're that person who puts tofu in chili instead of meat, maybe you think Jar- Jar Binks is the coolest Star Wars character ever, or you put salt in your beer or maybe you're like our very own Thee Ted Smith and you take off your shirt to take a sh*t.  We've all got our thing.  Today we wanted to know:  WHAT DO YOU DO THAT OTHER PEOPLE CONSIDER JUST WRONG?
Orders her pizza with double sauce, double pepperoni, oregano, red pepper flakes and NO CHEESE... no, she doesn't have a dairy allergy, she's just weird
Wipes boogers on the side of his car seat... we'll assume he meant HIS boogers.  Otherwise it would be really strange
Cooks eggs with cheese, SPAM and... cream of mushroom soup
Eats both Pop Tarts at the same time.  Patience, my friend, patience.
Puts bananas in his chili... because he's wrong
Dips his pickles in sugar.  WTF?!?  I hate pickles anyway, but WTF?!?
Puts mayo in his baked beans
Eats peanut butter and pickles on a tortilla... also eats T- bone steaks by hand
Puts honey on his pizza, and yes, he was high when he discovered this
Spaghetti with sugar... suggests adding 1 cup of sugar per box of noodles
Yea, lots of weird food talk today.  Initially we thought we'd be hungry after today’s show, but after hearing some of these concoctions, not so much. 
The bitches, the weekend is here and I'm ready to start it!  NFL playoffs tomorrow.
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/04/2013 5:35PM
SHOW # 1633 JANUARY 4 2013
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