SHOW # 1634 JANUARY 7 2013

Today is Monday, so like we do every Monday, we offered up the Monday Random Question, so called because (a) we asked you a question, (b) the question was random and (c) like I covered, today is Monday.  Instead of going through each individual question and it's corresponding answer (which would require significantly more typing than I'm willing to do), I'll share with you the other bit of business we covered today; the 2013 Gay Pool.  As we do every year, we each select three celebrities who we believe will come out of the closet in the next 12 months.  For each celebrity you get right, you win $100.  It's that easy. 
In preparation for this monumental event, each of us has a draft board (not unlike sports teams heading into their respective drafts) and, assuming that none of the other members of the show steals your pick, we make our selections.  For years, CNN's Anderson Cooper was our Andrew Luck, our guaranteed #1 pick.  Everyone in the world knew he was gay, it was just a matter of him coming out... and in 2012, Anderson finally came clean and won Thee Ted Smith $100.  Sam Champion (weather dude on Good Morning America) also came out, earning me $100, and Ben made $100 when Jim Parsons told us what we already know.
Today's picks went as follows:

Joe Jonas
Michael Cera
Raven Simone
Chase Crawford
Tyler Perry
Queen Latifa
Sheppard Smith
Jamie Fox
Richard Simmons
Robyn Roberts
Nikki Manaj
Kevin Spacey
So, those are our picks.  Now you know.  Who do you think comes out this year?
I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, welcome to the jungle and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/07/2013 5:35PM
SHOW # 1634 JANUARY 7 2013
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12/30/2013 10:35AM
And Thrill wins by a day!
Robyn Roberts came out today - looks like you win $100 Thrill!
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