SHOW # 1635 JANUARY 8 2013

Natalie Maines, the cute- yet- chubby broad from the Dixie Chicks, was on the Howard Stern Show explaining that even though the 'Chicks are still around, they've been abandoned by the country music... which would be THEIR fans.  See, about 9 years ago, Natalie spoke out against then- President George W and his plans for war.  Talking smack about a Republican President from Texas isn't the best way to keep the support or win the hearts of Middle America.  Sorry, Middle Merka.  There music was pulled from radio stations and performances were cancelled.  In spite of anything else they've done (and I don't know what that would be) they will always be remembered as the women who spoke out agains Dub- ya.  Meanwhile, Al Roker, best known as the weather- doofus from the 'Today Show', has also written several best- selling books and is a champion of weight loss.  However, after his recent admission on "Dateline", I'll always remember Al as the guy who sh*t his pants at the White House.  It happened back in 2002, but he only confessed to the 'brown bomb' recently... and for me, that trumps anything else he's done.  And then there's Malcolm Brenner.  He's struggling to find and/ or keep a job or relationship.  The problem is Google.  When people Google his name, they found out that he not only had an affair, he wrote a book about it called "Wet Goddess".  I should point out that his affair was with A DOLPHIN!  Seriously.  This leads to today's question:  WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THAT YOU'LL NEVER LIVE DOWN?
Got 2 possession charges... IN 16 HOURS
Crapped himself in public... when he was 13 years old
Asked her husband for a bigger engagement ring after she said yes... yes, we got all over her sh*t
Got drunk and peed off of a 6- foot high porch... fell off of it
Lost his car in a parking garage, so he called the cops to report it stolen... turns out that he had a warrant out for his arrest
Cop... when he was a rookie, he was in a shoot- out with a bank robber; got shot in his b*lls!  HIS B*LLS!!!
Once performed as Richard Simmons on Ice... notice, AS Richard Simmons
Was a firefighter... got attacked, bitten and, finally, was "molested", by a 120 pound Doberman
Fell into raw sewage outside of a bar on his friend's birthday
Slipped on a pile of dog sh*t on his way to the hot tub.  Knocked himself out and woke up reeking of sh*t
Passed out drunk on a trail... cop woke him up... reporters were with the cop... his picture ended up in the paper
Remember the 90's?  I kinda do.  I came of age early in the decade (turned 21 in 1990) and, therefore, have very little memory of anything that really happened.  In face, as far as my personal life story goes, there was no darker period in my life... but there was music... and Jolene brought us the #1 rock song from each year today.  To say that rock was all over the place is an understatement.  Here's a link to the list:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, slip, slide and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/08/2013 5:36PM
SHOW # 1635 JANUARY 8 2013
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