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All day today is "90's Something Day" here at KISW... and for me that's a good thing because, frankly, between 1992 and 1999 I have very little recollection of anything, thanks to a combination of excessive booze and copious amounts of cheap drugs.  True.  But because today is "90's Something Day", we did a little research to remember just what happened during the decade... and by research, I mean we looked at Wikipedia.  According to Wki (wiki- wiki) the 90's, according to Americans, was a time of unparalleled peace and prosperity.  In other words, the 90's were truly "the good old days".  Speaking of the 'good old days', we also have the results of a survey that reveal the top 7 moments in a man's life when he is happiest.  I've done all 7 and I really hope the list is wrong.  But that's just me.  Today we wanted to know when you were happiest:  WHAT WAS THE BEST YEAR OF YOUR LIFE SO FAR... AND WILL YOU TOP IT?
Got divorced at age 21... you gotta wonder what age he was when he got married.  Either way, having been divorced once, I can tell you that few things feel better than finalizing a divorce.  Seriously. 
The year was 1983, he was 19 years old (meaning he's 48 now) and he moved to Arizona for job training.  You know what Arizona has a lot of?  Heat?  Yes.  Sand.  well, yea, that too, but Arizona also has a lot of really, really, really hot chicks.  Did I mention that he was 19 at the time?  Do the math.
1999... his daughter was born.  On a side note, she was born in Israel, which isn't important, but pretty interesting
In 1998 he lived in Amsterdam, which is cool, but he had to move.  He moved to f**king Australia.  Well done!
Two years ago he started his own company... he's been successful, so two years ago was good, but the good keeps getting better
In 2009, he was 14 and he and his father rode their bikes (as in bicycles) across the country.  Went from Anacortes to Mystic, Connecticut in 51 days.
1991... she followed the Grateful Dead for months and months.  Point of interest; she doesn't even like the Grateful Dead.  She did like the drugs and the partying.  Actually, she settled in Seattle as a result of following the 'Dead.  Got here in July and fell in love.
Was an exchange student for a year in Austria
Last year; had lots of firsts.  Most of them were sports related (first games, etc), first concert (Iron Maiden) and he met his fiancé.  Well, 2 outta 3 ain't bad.  I kid... or do I?
That's all I've got.  Time to drink... more.
Until tomorrow, one more time around and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/09/2013 5:33PM
SHOW # 1636 JANUARY 9 2013
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