SHOW #1640 JANUARY 15 2013

Dogs and kids do it all the time... and according to a new study out of German, adults also have a problem with accidentally swallowing things.  Kids enjoy batteries, Legos and paper, dogs enjoy everything and, apparently, us adults have a problem with accidentally swallowing bones, toothpicks and coins.  What adult puts coins in their mouth???  Those are the three most common things adults swallow.  We also have the occasional issue with ice cubes and dentures.  How do you swallow your dentures?  Anyway, everyone has accidentally swallowed something.  Go to a party with canned beer and smokers and at some point someone will scream after swallowing a cigarette butt, and almost everyone I know has inadvertently swallowed a bug that decided to fly into your throat.  Today, we wanted to know:  (WITHOUT BEING DIRTY) WHAT HAVE YOU ACCIDENTALLY SWALLOWED THAT WASN'T FOOD?
Accidentally swallowed a Wolly worm.  If you're not sure what it is,
click here
In Iraq, he drank his buddy's spittoon contents
Took a swig of his OWN tobacco spit... didn't mean to.  He used to spit in 2 liter soda bottles and just kinda forgot
His friend's loogies... they were in a beer can.  He thought it was a beer
As a little kid, she shared a bathtub with her brother... she accidentally swallowed his pee when it arced out of the water
On a roller coaster screaming when a BIRD flew INTO her mouth... she actually swallowed the thing.  She needlessly pointed out that the experience was "awful"
A sewing needle just last year... she was holding the needle in her mouth when she had to sneeze.  When she drew in that big breath before you sneeze, the needle went down her throat.  Kinda scary

Swallowed a thumb tack... doctors managed to remove it before he had an ass- piercing poop
Mouse poop... mice had gotten into a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos and pooped all through it.  Don't eat chips in the dark!
Baby poop... had been feeding his kid, thought it was baby food on his hand, but no, it was baby poop
She takes a bunch of vitamins every morning and she accidentally swallowed her dog's flea and tick medicine.  She freaked out and called poison control.  It wasn't poisonous, but she wasn't convinced.  On the bright side, she didn't have fleas or ticks
Broken glass on her pizza
Works at a hospital and once had a patient's scab land in her mouth
Poop... human poop...calls it a "plumber's life".  I don't think a plumber's life is very awesome
Interesting show today, but there were moments where things got gross.  See "a plumber's life"!
As she does every Tuesday, the lovely Jolene joined us for Sit ad Spin.  Today we enjoyed the top 10 songs that ruined women's names. 
Here's a link:
OK bitches, I'm outta here!
Until tomorrow, hold it close and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/15/2013 5:27PM
SHOW #1640 JANUARY 15 2013
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