SHOW # 1641 JANUARY 16 2013

Back in November, a Port Hadlock woman got into a head- on collision on Route 19.  She was driving with a passenger when a cat in the car jumped on her.  She lost control of the car, entered oncoming traffic and slammed into another vehicle.  This past Monday in Florida, a guy was run over by his own van when his (homicidal?) dog jumped into the vehicle and stepped on the accelerator.  The guy died after getting trapped under the van.  Dog didn't understand that 'R' was for reverse.  Meanwhile, villagers in Kweneng, Botswana are accusing Google of killing a local donkey.  Seriously.  Apparently, a Google Street View vehicle ran over a donkey and killed it.  Yea, they tapped that ass.  Get it?  Yea?  I kill me.  Anyway, Google denies it... in spite of the video evidence to the contrary.  And then there's Gina, a chimpanzee at the Seville Zoo in Spain.  Zookeepers installed a television in her enclosure and gave her a remote.  Within one day she mastered the art of changing channels... and within three days she would only watch porn.  Just porn, and porn ain't free.  Animals and money... leads us to today's question:  WHEN DID YOUR PET DO YOU WRONG AND HOW MUCH DID IT COST YOU?
His dog has eaten drywall, millwork and carpet in her brand new house
His ferret ate a water balloon; $1400 later, the vet let him know that there was nothing they could do to help.  A few days later, near death, the ferret pooped it out and lived another 5 years
His dog chewed holes in the wall, scratched up the vinyl flooring and chewed all 4 legs on the coffee table.  Cost $2000 AND an eviction from her apartment
Roommate's cat liked to sleep on his face at night... the cat's dirty butt gave him pink eye
Got a Lab for his wife while he was deployed... the dog destroyed the whole house
Had to pay $5000 to replace his floor and parts of a wall
Her 150 pound St. Bernard had diarrhea inside of her new car.  The people that had to detail her car after the fact, estimated that there were 2 gallons of sh*t in the car.  The dog even sprayed the windows with poop
Cat peed on the carpet and got them evicted because of the notorious smell.  Had to pay $1500 to replace the carpet, but even worse, they had to move in with his mother
Swung at a baseball, but a dog jumped in the way and took a bat to the face.  $1800 for facial surgery
His kitten got her nose IN his ass during sex
His dog ate the power cord to his nebulizer... woke up needing to breathe and had to call the paramedics
OK, I'm outta here for tacos.  I think.  I don't know.
Until tomorrow, hit me with your best shot and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/16/2013 5:47PM
SHOW # 1641 JANUARY 16 2013
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