SHOW # 1642 JANUARY 17 2013

So, there's a middle school teacher in (lovely) Cincinnati who is accusing school district officials of discrimination because of her disability.  What is her disability?  Does she have a lisp?  Wheelchair- bound?  Legally blind?  No... she suffers from pedophobia; the fear of children.  I commend anyone who wants to be a teacher, but if you're scared of children, you know, don't pursue teaching at a school.  Maybe write a textbook or help develop curriculum, but stay outta the classroom.  If blood makes you squeamish, don't be a surgeon, if you fear public speaking, don't pursue television journalism, etc.  Maybe outsource those things to other people.  Speaking of outsourcing, an American software developer making $250,000 a year realized he could outsource his job to a Chinese firm for about $50,000 a year... so he did.  The Chinese company did his job for him while he did whatever it is he did with his free time.  Unfortunately for him, the jig was up when his company (the one he actually "worked" for) went through a routine audit.  That's when they discovered an unusually high number of logins from China and fired him... but we admire his ingenuity.  Whether it's your job or your personal life, there are things we'd really prefer other people did for us.  Hell, it's why nannies and interns exist and it's why we take our taxes to H&R Block.  It's not that we can't do these things, it's that we don't want to.  Today's question:  IF YOU COULD, WHAT WOULD YOU OUTSOURCE FROM YOUR JOB OR YOUR LIFE?
He already outsourced his college education... someone else did the work and he got the grades.  He's currently in grad school.  Scary or clever?  Guess it depends what he ends up doing for a living
Wants to outsource dealing with his "pain in the ass" girlfriend, except for the sex.  Says she's great in the sack and likes to have sex everyday (which is why he's been with her for 4 years) but he doesn't enjoy anything else about her
His commute... doesn't mind his job, but like most people, the morning and evening commute make him extremely angry
Foreplay... he just wants to get to the sex.  Well, who doesn't, but I'm a fan of foreplay.  Frankly, I consider foreplay part of sex.
His housework, specifically the kitchen... he has a job but comes home to a dirty house all the time and feels compelled to clean. 
Driving... it's not the commute, it's that he has to drive EVERYONE everywhere
Wants to outsource paying for everything.  Yea, good luck with that.
Desperately wants to outsource listening to his wife... not when she's complaining, but just in general
OK, the day is coming to a close so I'm gonna grab my toys head home... after going to the bar. 
Until tomorrow, smile crazy and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/17/2013 5:29PM
SHOW # 1642 JANUARY 17 2013
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