SHOW # 1644 JANUARY 22 2012

If you work at a place with a communal refrigerator, it's happened to you; you bring in your lunch or your leftovers and put them in the fridge for later.  Later arrives, you go to the fridge and your food is gone.  That's right, you're the victim of a work lunch thief.  According to a new survey, one- in- twelve people confess to stealing a co-worker's lunch... and 3.6% of people say they regularly steal food from their co- workers.  That's annoying, but there are worse things you could steal from your job.  Just ask 64- year- old Gladys Campbell.  Go ahead and ask... I'll wait.  She's a former payroll worker who's headed to jail for stealing over $260,000 from her boss.  Maybe she should have just snatched some dumplings from the fridge... or just stolen what most people steal from work; printer paper, printer ink, pens, toilet paper or the occasional stapler.  We've all done it and today we wanted you to share:  WHAT HAVE YOU ACCIDENTALLY 'BORROWED' FROM A PREVIOUS JOB?
Worked at a weed dispensary in California and stole a pound of weed... a POUND.  He didn't smoke it, he sold it... or as he put it, he "traded it for cash" for $3500 and used the money to support his girlfriend's high- dollar needs
Used to steal beer from a grocery store he worked at... and can you blame him?
"Borrowed" his company's generator for 2 years... and counting
He stole (borrowed) an entire bedroom set, including a mattress
Used to 'borrow' gas from the gas station he worked at
Borrowed a laser jet printer and red stapler
Started his own business and 'borrowed' his former employees customers
Borrowed 2 expensive , high end end tables, 2 lamps and a standing ash tray
Cash from the register at a movie theatre he worked at
Used to work for an American airline (hint- hint) and borrowed somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 mini liquor bottles
Had all of his friends order pizzas and then cancel at the last minute.  He brought them all to a party he was having
Jolene joined us today to talk about those rock stars who are bigger than life... and yet, shorter than sh*t!  Check out the link here
OK bitches, I'm outta here, but before we go, let me just say that the Ravens did me proud this weekend.  Going to the Super Bowl is huge, but just to make things sweeter, they beat the soft- ass Pats in New England... avenging last year's loss and exposing the Pats for what they are... soft.  Love it. 
Until tomorrow, smack a Pat and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/22/2013 5:59PM
SHOW # 1644 JANUARY 22 2012
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