SHOW # 1648 JANUARY 28 2013

It's all fun and games at an S&M photo shoot until someone gets there head bashed in with a baseball bat.  It happens more than you'd think because it happened at all... earlier this month in Illinois.  One of the two women being photographed was told that she could not play the role of dominatrix... so she dominated with a bat.  Are you the jealous type?  Are you so jealous that you'd crash your ex's wedding just to prevent them from getting married?  A guy in Utah tried to do exactly that.  Not only did he fail, but he failed in spectacular fashion.  If you own a yellow (yes, yellow) 1994 Acura Integra, you probably don't worry about people wanting to steal your car... but a guy in Chicago feels differently and that's why he puts a boot on his car each night.  He doesn't want anyone to steal that thing that no one wants to steal in the first place.  These are some of the stories that caught our eye over the weekend and were used for the MONDAY RANDOM QUESTION.
What we discovered today is that there's a guy who lives in (Norman) Oklahoma who loves musicals (???) but, oddly enough, doesn't like the musical "Oklahoma".
We also discovered that February is 'Suicide Prevention Month'.  We learned that from a guy who works maintenance on the I-90 bridge and he's seen several jumpers... most of them in the month of February.  Just sayin'.
Yea, that's about it.  Well, that, and Miles enjoyed the movie "An Affair to Remember".
OK, I'm outta here, bitches.
Until tomorrow, welcome to where time stands still, and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/28/2013 5:38PM
SHOW # 1648 JANUARY 28 2013
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