SHOW # 1651 JANUARY 31 2013

So there's a guy named Zack, and his fiancé mentioned that she was up for a three- way with him and her best friend.  Thing is, he'd never met her best friend, but that didn't stop him from wanting to get in on some 3- way action, so he decided to record a video of himself as an introduction to the best friend.  As you'd expect, he repeatedly mentioned the three- way idea and wanted to let her know that he was game.  Unfortunately for him, he accidentally uploaded his personal video to YouTube... making it a very PUBLIC video.  It is awesome, but very embarrassing.  Then there's Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'O who, as you probably know by now, carried on a relationship with a virtual girlfriend he'd never met... only to discover that he was being pranked by a gay guy who, in his own words, "fell in love with Mante".  That's bad enough, but the fact that it was made public (and continues to circulate) only made the whole situation worse... for him, anyway.  We're loving it.  Anyway, thses things happen to the best of us; you have that moment (usually following an awkward silence) when all you can say is "oops", and that is today's question:      WHAT WAS YOUR BIGGEST "OOPS" MOMENT?
Tried to send a text about buying weed to his girlfriend... sent it to his boss instead
When her husband proposed, he used his mother's old ring and she said it was ugly... they're still married 6 years later
Was busting his woman's chops during a card game... she called him out for f**king the babysitter
When he said, "I do"
When he woke up and walked into the living room where his family was sitting... he didn't realize that his d*ck was at full attention and poking out of his boxers.  It happened when he was 12 and his family won't let him forget it
Was making fun of a fat chick at a party; well, she wasn't 'fat', but she had a massive muffin- top and was showing it off.  Anyway, he was poking fun at her among a group of guys and had to offer up an "oops" when one of the guys pointed out that muffin- top was his girlfriend
Same customer has been coming in for 6 months and she always called him 'sir'... 'he' is a woman
Sent 4 naked pictures to her boyfriend, including one with semen on her back (seriously)... she actually sent them to her sister's boyfriend by mistake.  Happened a year ago and her sister still won't talk to her
Was playing "Mad Libs" at a party when someone asked him for a noun.  He just kind of absently said, "uh, I dunno, 'gimp'".  That's when he noticed the guy in the wheelchair angrily staring at him
OK, that's a wrap.  Tomorrow is Friday, bitches!
So, until tomorrow, doo- da- dippity and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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01/31/2013 5:21PM
SHOW # 1651 JANUARY 31 2013
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