SHOW # 1652 FEBRUARY 1 2013

Earlier this week, a waitress at a restaurant in St. Louis anonymously posted a receipt to the  The long and short of it is; a female pastor ate with a 20- person group, and like most restaurants, an 18% gratuity was automatically added to the bill.  Well, the group had the server split the check into several smaller checks.  One of the checks went to the pastor who crossed out the gratuity and replace it with a ZERO.  She also left the message, "I give God 10%, why do you get 18%?", and then signed it 'Pastor'.  Incidentally, if the cheap bitch had left her 18%, it would have cost her a whopping $6.29.  Aside from the fact that God (should you believe in the concept) doesn't exactly need money, she could have also considered that her tax- free existence gives her more flexibility than most of us TAX- PAYING folks to leave a tip... if nothing else.  She has since issued an apology for her pseudo- pious position, but the waitress, who has to pay taxes, by the way, lost her job.  Go figure.  Anyway, the pastor is just a cheap f**k hiding behind her bullsh*t, but that was her excuse to be worthless.  We've all had weak, stupid or questionable excuses, but the worst is when they're true.  That's what we wanted to know today:  WHAT'S THE WORST EXCUSE YOU'VE EVER HAD TO USE... THAT HAPPENED TO BE TRUE?
Her dog really did eat her homework... it was some science experiment that involved rotting cheese.  Might sound gross, but remember that dogs 'toss their own salad', so it's not so bad
Was trapped on the roof of a Keispy Kream... and THAT'S why he was late for work at the video game store
His mother thought he wanted to get out of going to work that day because he was complaining about chest pains... she didn't believe him... until his lung collapsed
His mother was a neat- freak and REPEATEDLY threw away his homework.  He'd do it at the dining room table and his mother would just throw away everything all the time.  His teachers never believed him
His friend ate his homework... he was in a nutrition class in college and had to make a chili for his final project; his roommate did what all roommates do and ate it
Was late to school because he was in another school's lockdown... and no, he wasn't responsible for the school's lockdown
Was in jail for disorderly conduct... was fired after telling them that he was in jail for disorderly conduct
In Iraq with the Marines... got a stomach flu and sh*t himself when he was supposed to be on post
She locked herself INSIDE of her hotel room on a business trip
Got arrested for selling weed and had to call work to tell her that she'd be late... she actually kept her job
Had to skip mandatory field trip in college because he had to give his cat an enema
OK, it's the weekend... Super Bowl weekend to be exact, and as a Ravens fan, I've been waiting 12 years for this.  As we always do, we're taking Monday off because, frankly, we don't really feel like talking about the commercials.  we don't care about them, we never have and never will.  Call us crazy, but our favorite part of the Super Bowl is the football part.  we'll be back Tuesday.
Until Tuesday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!!

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02/01/2013 5:22PM
SHOW # 1652 FEBRUARY 1 2013
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02/05/2013 2:16PM
Interesting Story
If you truly study the bible, women are not to be placed in the role of "pastor". The great ills of this society is that people are untrained in what the bible actually teaches. Look it up, the bible clearly says that when women are in authority(in a society) it is the judgement of God on that society. Or simply the MEN of that society are not leading as they SHOULD. Hosea 4:6- My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.... I read a book a while ago about another pastor(Bill Hybels) who regularly prepares his sermons at a local Denny's?, he leaves a large 100% tip, because he takes up a table for a few hours and wants to be a great witness for Christ Jesus. Don't judge all pastors by what an untrained pastor does.
02/05/2013 3:17PM
Curse of a nation, when woman are in authority BIBLE TEXT Isaiah 3:12 read it!
Isaiah 3 is a clear judgement of God on the nation of Israel in the past. I believe there are many parallels between the nation of Israel with the great USA. ALL nations who oppose God will be disciplined - by the ever-loving and unseen Heavenly Father. Isa 3:12 : My people - infants are their oppressors and women rule over them. USA is a country where the youth rule in many ways and women are in more and more authority. JUDGEMENT! Righteous judgement, when MEN fail to LEAD! Peace. Check out this on youtube
02/06/2013 1:12PM
worst excuse...
Hola Bitches, I listen to you every afternoon on my way to work...(best buy (which I hate!! (so I drink before work!))) so I actally "called out drunk" because I was too drunk to put on my pants...When my manager asked me why...I told him that I thought I would sober up before I had to go...if you read this on air can you do it on my way to work?? 4:15-4:40 pst?? Thanks!!
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