SHOW # 1653 FEBRUARY 5 2013

To say that Miles and I had a good weekend would be an understatement.  Not only did our team, the Baltimore (motherf**king) Ravens, go to AND win the Super Bowl, but we were lucky enough ... and now BROKE enough... to be there in person.  That's right, section 611, row 23, seats 7 through 10 were ours for the game... and it was awesome.  It was surreal and it was awesome.  Miles and I agree; we can scratch this one off of the bucket list.  Oddly enough, on the 10 Most Common Bucket List Items for Men, seeing your favorite team win a championship is NOT on the list... which I find amazing.  We also have a list of the most common bucket list items for people in general and while I haven't done any of them, I want to do ALL of them.  That's basically today's question:  WHAT'S ONE THING YOU'VE SCRATCHED OFF OF YOUR BUCKET LIST AND WHAT'S NEXT?
Went salmon fishing in Alaska
Cooking for us was on his bucket list (he made us chicken fried steak burgers... which were insanely delicious)... eventually wants to take on Bobby Flay
Just went skydiving and now he wants to visit Australia
Got to tour Europe and Asia as security for a band, got to go to the San Diego ComicCon (the pre-eminent comicon)... wants to go to the Adult Video awards for the same reason we all do
Set a scooter on fire... and rode it down a hill.  This was on his bucket list
Opened his own business... wants to take a cruise in Italy
Just competed in Jujitsu in Rio... got 2 bronze medals
Wants to go into space... me too.  If you've got 20 million bucks, you can
Wants to make a movie... has a 130 page script written, but needs some $$$ to make it happen
Went to Africa, but what he really wants is to own a Harley
Dude bungee jumped... from a gondola... over the Swiss Alps
Actually held the Olympic torch when it went through Boston
Jolene, in honor of Mardi Gras, brought us 10 random songs about New Orleans. 
Here's a link:
I'm outta here, bitches.  Cheers to the Ravens on a spectacular victory over the 40- whiners.  Stop crying.  You win or you lose.
Until tomorrow, rock your purple and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/05/2013 5:57PM
SHOW # 1653 FEBRUARY 5 2013
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