SHOW # 1654 FEBRUARY 6 2013

We've been saying for YEARS on this program that if you want to make a routine traffic stop expensive or jail able, just run your mouth.  If you ever want your ass kicked by a bouncer instead of simply being asked to leave, just run your mouth.  If you ever want a cook's DNA in your meal, just run your mouth instead of politely pointing out what's wrong with your food.  It may not be right, but it's a fact of life we call 'the rules of engagement'.  There's a video currently making it's way around the web of an idiot in Miami who could have paid a $5,000 bond and enjoyed a slap on the wrist for possession of Xanax, but thanks to some ill- advised choice words, got 30 days in jail instead.  Here in Seattle, a guy giving his 2- week notice found a way to escalate things to the point that he was held at gunpoint until the cops came to arrest him.  A guy named Dick Morris lost his job at FOX News for the same reason Karl Rove did... they ran their mouths without the benefit of being right about anything they were saying.  That kind of thing is fine in the sports world, but not so much for a news organization... even FOX's version of 'news'.  And then there's Chris Brown.  He has a beef with pretty much anyone who's not as pathetic as he is and runs his mouth entirely too much... but then, so have we all.  That's today's question:  WHAT PRICE DID YOU PAY AS A DIRECT RESULT OF YOUR MOUTH?
In court for a red light camera violation... would have been a $75 fine, but thanks to his mouth running, he got contempt of court
Stood up to a bunch of bullies at a party and got his ass kicked
Made a gynecologist joke to a woman on her way to see a gynecologist... she got him fired.  Remember, men and women, in general, have very different senses of humor
Asked, a little too loudly at a bar, if the waitress he was hitting on "puts out"... the bouncer overheard him and, as it happens, the bouncer was the waitress' brother... and he was a large man
Called his dispatcher a bitch... she got him fired... which, oddly enough, proved him right
Made a joke about a fellow student's dead parents.  Apparently, the kid's parents died when he was a toddler and he inherited millions.  He came in one day and bragged about being rich; our caller said, "I'd rather have my parents".  A fight ensued and he got expelled
In NAVY Seal training, got smart with the drill sergeant (bad, bad, BAD idea) and he discovered that getting lippy with a Seal drill sergeant is really a bad, bad, BAD idea
Finally... about two months after his wife gave birth, he commented that she still looked pregnant.  She didn't talk to him for 4 months... 4, blissfully quiet months.
OK, I'm outta here.  I'm on twitter now and have tweeted nothing.
Until tomorrow, lick it, stick it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/06/2013 5:34PM
SHOW # 1654 FEBRUARY 6 2013
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