SHOW # 1658 FEBRUARY 12 2013

Sometimes it pays to be the crazy cat lady.  case- in- point, a Hoquiam woman discovered that her neighbor (who happens to be a registered sex offender) was spying on her through holes he'd drilled in her ceiling.  See, her cats were all staring up at the ceiling in her kitchen, and when she looked up, she discovered Kevin Voss was watching her.  Apparently, Kevin and his roommate would watch her while she slept... and masturbate.  That's weird.  You know what else is weird; there's a family in Graham who are powerless to stop a very odd woman who keeps knocking on their door.  Sure, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but give the article a read:
 And in North Seattle, there have been 4 women assaulted since Friday and the cops are beginning to wonder if they're all connected.  One woman was sexually assaulted after being dragged into some bushes near Northgate Mall, one woman was pulled into a van and another was chased down the street and tackled before escaping.  All of this got us wondering:  WHEN HAVE THINGS IN YOUR 'HOOD GOTTEN WEIRD?
Plenty of stories today, but the one that stands out was the call from a guy who lived on the same street Josh Powell... the guy who killed his wife in Utah and eventually killed himself and his two young sons.  I'm sure you remember the story.  Well, the house that he blew up with his kids in it (motherf**ker) was on the same street as our caller.  Other than the obviousness of what was 'weird' about the whole thing, there was also that moment a few weeks before the fire/ murder when people in the neighborhood realized exactly who it was had rented the house at the end of the block.  The caller said that it was definitely uncomfortable, but the final act wasn't something any of them thought would come to pass.  Terrible story.
Jolene decided to ruin our day and torment us in advance of Valentine's Day with the Top 10 Worst Rock Love Songs.  Just to add salt to the wound she brought bonus tracks.  This leads me to wonder if Jolene is familiar with the definition of 'bonus'.  If you're angry at yourself and would like to punish yourself, here's the link:
OK, I'm outta here.  Tomorrow we launch 'Beat My Tweet'... I don't feel like explaining it, so just listen tomorrow!
Until tomorrow, let the good times roll (in French) and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/12/2013 5:51PM
SHOW # 1658 FEBRUARY 12 2013
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02/13/2013 6:56AM
wierd happenings in the nieghborhood
What's up guys. I grew up in Federal Way in 70's, one of the neighbors that I grew up across the street from me where Jehovah Witness folks, nice enough folks but didn't really believe in discipline for the kids, the youngest became known as Dan the drug man, fairly notorious in Fed Way. They let Dan set up a kind of camp in their backyard that looks an awful lot like tent city just made with boxes and tarps. A lot of Dan's friends used to crash their and his parents thought they were doing the lords work by letting them stay there. One morning while on my way to high school, (must have been around 1983) as I left my house it was a kind of foggy morning. No big deal, I've walked to school in worse weather, but when a guy dressed in a suit approached me with a walkie-talkie in his hands started asking who I was and where did I come from and where was I going, I started to get a little weary. I told him I was on my way to school and asked what was going on, he told me to mind my business and walk straight to school. I then noticed a lot of these "men in suits" walking the hood and a bunch of marked and unmarked police vehicles throughout the area. Well, as being a high school numb nut I quickly forgot about it and it was not until I returned home to find out the details of what had taken place. Apparently the neighbor that was kitty-corner to my house to Dan’s house was a young hot chick that lived by herself who would hire kids in the neighborhood to do work around the place. As I said, she was hot so there was no shortage of local volunteers. Apparently she had been attacked by a prowler that broke into her house who had stabbed her from about the middle of her back and pulled to her side and then raped. The prowler then took a bunch of towels to clean up the blood and left the house to deposit the towels around the block. After he left, the woman drug herself out of her house and to her next door neighbors where she laid on their porch pounding on the door. They quickly took her inside and called the cops. Apparently the guy came back to finish what he started but after finding the woman gone left the premises. Not really sure what time all this went down but I figure when I left for school at around 6 a.m. the man-hunt had just gotten started. From what my mom told me they canvassed the neighborhood and ended up finding the guy in the back of a white van that was parked at Dan's house by the “box camp”. The police had noticed there was some bloody hand prints on the back doors which were facing the street and when they looked inside there the dude was sleeping, still with blood on his hand and clothes. Needless to say they took him to jail and from what I last herd that is where he still sits. He actually was up for parole in the mid to late 90's but with help from the people that knew what went down his parole was denied and hopefully the dude will die in there. What is probably even weirder is that the lady who had been stabbed had an infant there in the house with her that none of the neighbors knew about. I guess when the police had entered the house they heard the cries of the child coming from the bedroom where this all took place. Don’t know what ever happened to the lady or the kid for that matter, she promptly moved away and I never saw her again. The Buckman in Bonney Lake
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