SHOW # 1661 FEBRUARY 15 2013

So, the cruise ship Carnival Triumph, as you've probably heard (on this very show 2 days ago), lost primary power, leaving over 3000 passengers and over 1000 crew members adrift at sea for 5 days with no running water or working sewage.  They also ran out of most food, reducing everyone to eating onion sandwiches... or not eating at all.  Well, they finally made it back to land late last night... unfortunately, the 'land' in question was Mobile, Alabama, where conditions aren't much different than those on the ship.  That's insulting enough.  Well, to get passengers back to Galveston, Texas, the ship's point of origin, Carnival Cruise Lines provided passengers with buses.  That's where the final insult happened.  One of the busses broke down on the way back.  Yep.  Sometimes, something bad happens and you make the mistake of asking, "what else can go wrong?"... and then life provides you with an answer.  It's happened to all of us; those times you paid 8 years worth of bad karma in about 2 hours and you wonder when your bad luck will finally come to an end:  WHEN DID EVERYTHING GO WRONG?
Lost his truck keys, his friends had all their stuff in the truck, so he bused it home and grabbed his extra keys... he grabbed the wrong keys
Jumped a snowmobile into a snowdrift... took a stick straight in the blow hole
Her friend's father- in- law dies yesterday morning... her best friend's father died last night... her other friend's father- in- law died last night... tomorrow is her father's birthday... who died 18 years ago.  Bottoms- up, baby.
Lost his job, was knocked unconscious by his roommate, went to jail AND got kicked out of his band
Got dumped, laid off and his dog died all in the same month
He's a tree trimmer, was up in a tree when the tree UPROOTED... he's OK
Witnessed a suicide and a fatal car crash, was attacked by a 'chemical smelling' dude, lost his wallet AND walked into a convenience store WHILE it was being robbed... all on the way to work
Backpacking through the Cascades when his friend dislocated his shoulder, so they had to carry all of his stuff back to the car... the car broke down on the way back to civilization
In 2011, she was hit by a car as a pedestrian, hit by another car as a driver, got throat surgery and then got another throat surgery to correct the original throat surgery AND lost her job.  On the bright side, she only lost her job once
Got a divorce (which was good), but his wages started getting garnished, lost his kids, racked up $25,000 in legal fees and lost his house.  All of this because, essentially, he broke up with someone
Wife left him, lost his job, crashed his car and got a DUI
Got blamed for shooting a building with paintballs, broke his hand, got fired, had a gun to his head (in his mouth), got into an argument with Vanilla Ice (seriously) was thrown out of a casino, had two bullets in his pocket at the airport and was temporarily detained... all in 24 hours
Threw a huge aprty, got arrested, wife made out with the neighbor and his keg was stolen
OK bitches, a three- day weekend is staring us in the face and I'm ready to get it started.
Until Tuesday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/15/2013 5:32PM
SHOW # 1661 FEBRUARY 15 2013
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