SHOW # 1662 FEBRUARY 19 2013

A marine biologist by the self- fulfilling name of OCEAN Ramsey wanted to prove that humans misunderstand the nature of great white sharks.  So what did she do?  She jumped in the ocean and swam with great white sharks.  Seriously... she grabbed a fin and went for a ride.  They're calling her the 'shark whisperer'.  I call her 'f**king crazy'.  Meanwhile, in Australia, a guy was, seemingly, out to prove that humans COMPLETELY understand cacti when he pulled off his shirt and body- slammed a giant cactus.  Just like you thought, it hurts like a motherf**ker.  In his minute- long video, about 45 seconds of it are of him screaming in pain.  We're still not entirely sure why he chose to do it.  We DO know why a guy in Estonia made a rope out of bed sheets and tried to climb down 8 stories from his apartment.  You see, his wife locked him IN because she was worried that if he got out, he'd cheat on her.  Ah, just so you know, he made it about a full 4 feet before his "rope" snapped and he dropped 70 feet.  Lucky for him, he landed in a pile of snow... but he still needed to go to the hospital.  Sometimes we have a good reason, sometimes we have a bad reason and sometimes we have no reason at all, but we decide to do something dangerous and stupid... and sometimes we're successful, but most of the time we're not.  WHAT WAS YOUR DAREDEVIL MOMENT AND WAS IT WORTH IT IN THE END?
Jumped off of a tree that was on a cliff and hanging over water... the river was shallow AND rocky.  Did it to impress a chick.  Didn't impress her
Hung off the side of a semi truck to pee... while going 60 mph
Tried to jump across an alley to see Aerosmith... broke his leg instead
When he was a teen, he was shacking up with some broad... parents came home and had to climb out of the window before dad found him
Swam with sharks in Belize when he was young... to make things worse, his buddies hopped on a boat and left him to tread water in the middle of the ocean
Rode his bike off of a 10- foot cliff... unintentionally
Tried to 'go faster than the speed of light' on his snowboard... didn't break the light barrier, but he did break his neck and was 'paraplegic for a minute'
Went skydiving... with diarrhea
Got drunk, and on a dare, stood in a fire
Climbed a water tower with his friends... and put a sofa on top of it... brilliant!
Yea, admit it, when you were little, you thought Jethro Tull and Molly Hatchet were people, not bands.  We all did.  Jolene brought us the 11 bands we all thought were people. 
Here's the link:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, suck on it slowly and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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02/19/2013 5:55PM
SHOW # 1662 FEBRUARY 19 2013
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