SHOW # 1663 FEBRUARY 20 2013

Whether you're a parent now or you're an adult looking back on your childhood, you probably recognize that while parents have an incomparable love for their kids, it doesn't stop parents from lying to their kids whenever it's convenient... and it's convenient a lot.  Admittedly, most of these lies are harmless little things like how we'll inevitably 'pull this car over and turn around' if you don't shut up, or how 'you'll be left behind if you don't come with us right now'.  Then there's the lies that gave you a false sense of ability that you, in no way, deserve, like 'that's a beautiful drawing' (if you're blind AND drunk AND have no hands) or 'you can be anything you want to be' (assuming you have no aspirations beyond being a greeter at Wal- Mart).  Oh, and Fluffy never went to the farm, Fluffy died.  And then there are those lies that come back to make your head spin:  "your grandfather died in the war" (he spent his adult life in prison for killing a hooker) or "me and your uncle are very close" (he's your real father).  Some lies are bigger than others, but all parents lie, and today we wanted to know:  WHAT LIE WERE YOU TOLD AS A KID OR WHAT LIE DO YOU TELL YOUR KIDS?
His cat never went to a farm to help with the extreme mouse problem, the cat died.  On the bright side, that lie was minimized when he found out that his 'cousin' was really his sister
As a child, he was told that the sharks swimming around the house would 'get him' if he didn't behave at bedtime.  "Jaws' helped many parents with discipline
Never told him his great uncle was a famous soldier in WWII soldier... a famous NAZI soldier
was tols that rocks grew in the rain... believed it until 8th grade
Wasn't until later in life that they realized that it was NOT tobacco in her uncle's pipe
His girlfriend's 6- year- old son asked why they had handcuffs in the bedroom... "er, um... I used to be a police officer.  Yea... that's it."
Ate 'ranch chicken'... a furry, 4- legged chicken.  It was actually rabbit, and the only reason they didn't tell them is because they had a per rabbit at the time
"Work hard, get good grades and you can do anything"... not so true
Was told that those little white lines you occasionally get on your fingernails are the result of lying
If you eat carrots you'll get night vision
"We treat all of you kids the same"... anyone with siblings knows that's a crock
Was told masturbation is unhealthy
"this is going to hurt me more than it's gonna hurt you"... I was never told that because it it not true, and my father was very clear about that.
Was told that if you play with your bellybutton too much, all of your guts will spill out and you'll die.
As a parent, I have to admit that some of the lies I tell the youngins are just to make my life easier, but really, it's too easy and fun not to!  The real question is; when do parents STOP lying to kids?  I mean, we all kind of get it when they're young; either you wanna spare their feelings or spare our patience, but are our parents still running the occasional con on us?  Hard to say. 
OK, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, if you're happy and you know it drink a beer and STAY BEAUTIFUL!" 

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02/20/2013 5:13PM
SHOW # 1663 FEBRUARY 20 2013
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