SHOW # 1672 MARCH 5 2013

This past weekend, Seattle police headed to a park called Llandover Woods Green space (on the border with Shoreline) and seized, and inexplicably, DESTROYED 40 to 45 pot plants.  In spite of the state's vote to legalize marijuana, it's still not legal to publicly cultivate it.  Fair enough, but what bothers us is that someone stumbled upon it and REPORTED it to the cops.  I admit that none of us on this show are model citizens, but if any of US had found a public grow operation, the cops would have been the last people we'd call.  Anyway, someone found the pot and called 'the man'.  There ARE times to call the cops... like when you stumble upon a dead body.  Case- in- point, 31 years ago today, John Belushi was found dead in his hotel room.  Sure, a speedball will do that, but everyone who had been partying with him that night (and morning) bailed, and it was his personal trainer, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace who stumbled upon Belushi's body.  These stories bring us to today's question:  WHAT DID YOU STUMBLE UPON OR STUMBLE INTO... AND THEN WHAT HAPPENED?
Away we go:
Came home to his new roommate having a seizure.  We're not sure what happened yet, but that's not cool
A threesome... they didn't really 'stumble into it', they were spying... and got chased away by a naked lady who'd been participating
Came across a dog that had been hit by a car and left in the road... he blocked traffic, wrapped the dog up in a towel and after the dog was done biting the piss out of his hands, he made it to the vet to both help the dog and get rabies shots
Came home to his mother in the hot tub with his math teacher... the night of the parent/ teacher conference
Found a firework, played with it and blew a finger off
Walked in on his sister having sex with 2 guys... neither of whom was her husband (who was overseas at the time).  To explain the position they were in, it was akin to the letter H.  She would be the crossbar.  The caller explained that they took the shape of an A when the guys high- fived.  That position is called the Eiffel Tower
Went to a goldmine... ended up under a graveyard
Works as a realtor in Seattle... went to some foreclosed property and discovered 2 women having sex in the basement
Found a backpack full of drugs at a Taco Bell... apparently, some 'hippie' types left it when they were done eating
If you like Jimi Hendrix, you'll love today's Sit and Spin.  New release... yes, 'new', and, like I said, if you like my man Jim- may- may, you will really like this. 
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03/05/2013 5:41PM
SHOW # 1672 MARCH 5 2013
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