SHOW # 1673 MARCH 6 2013

So, a listener of ours, Josh Bisallion, sent us an email asking us if we could give him a special shout- out today during the shot of the day... and the short answer is, 'no'.  However, we ARE using his email as the inspiration for the Question of the Day.  You see, after serving 8 years in the Army, including 3 deployments, Josh is done with the service as of today.  Obviously, he's happy to have his service days behind him.  All of us have something that we had to do or had to put up with that we're more than happy to never have to do again.  For me, it was high school.  Hated every second of every day, but I made it to graduation and washed my hands of it.  Never been happier... except when I divorced my ex- wife.  Imagine having a three- way with Mila Kunis and Kate Upton, only to find out that you've won the Powerball.  That's what it felt like when that divorce was finalized... only better.  School and bad relationships are obvious, but anyone who's had an extended stay in a hospital... or jail (a.k.a. 'prison'), or had to sit through some mandated silliness like 'sensitivity' training... or even sat through a movie like 'The Notebook', can answer this question:  WHAT DID YOU ENDURE THAT YOU'RE HAPPY TO BE DONE WITH?
Her mother recently died and she is "extremely sad about that"... but points out that the 'silver lining' is that she never, ever has to deal with her mother's boyfriend again.  She even added "woohoo!"
No longer 'the fat kid'... was 225 pounds in FIFTH GRADE... got up to 340 pounds in high school.  Down to about 220 now as an adult
Got hit by a car when he was 11- years- old... had 7 surgeries, 4 pins and about a full year and a half of recovery before getting back to normal
As a health nut, he decided to be a 'raw food vegetarian' (a.k.a. 'fool') and finally succumbed to the power of a supreme pizza after three months. 
Endured kidney stones for 2 months... said it was excruciating to have them and more excruciating to pass them
Had 28 days in inpatient treatment for opiate addiction... clean for 79 days now... much to the chagrin of big pharma, I'm sure
He did 6 years in prison... granted, he robbed 7 banks (he was known as the 'sunset bandit') but did 6 years.  He was a bit evasive on the phone (for good reason) but we're thinking he robbed more than 7.  His line was, "I was charged for seven", anytime we asked about how many he actually robbed.
Worked as a 'rough neck' on an oil rig for 2 years... misses the 6- figure paycheck, but not the job
Ended up doing 11 months in prison for felony assault.. the rub is that he took the fall for his brother who was on probation at the time
Had to go to 'straight camp'... at age 17, his adoptive parents correctly guessed that he was gay, so they sent him to 'straight camp'.  Some of their techniques to "cure" gay folks was to physically abuse them, but more than that, they used electric shock 'therapy'.  He managed to escape with 2 others, made across the country (the 'camp' was in Arizona and he made it to an aunt's in Ohio) and is now living as himself.  Un- f**king- believable. 
I'll leave you with that for the day.
Until tomorrow, people are people, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/06/2013 5:31PM
SHOW # 1673 MARCH 6 2013
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