SHOW # 1675 MARCH 08 2013

Sunday morning/ Saturday night before you go to bed, we'll all partake in the antiquated and woefully stupid practice known as Daylight's Savings Time.  It hasn't served a purpose since electricity became the norm, but here we are.  In case you don't know, clocks will move forward one hour.  Thing is, this is an INVOLUNTARY hour loss.  All of us have had bad moments, and if we could lose an hour THAT, we would... instead, we're stuck remembering.  Today we asked you to think back to the 60 minutes of your life that you'd like to make disappear:  IF THERE WAS ONE HOUR OF YOUR LIFE THAT YOU COULD ERASE, WHAT WOULD IT BE... AND WHY?
The hour that his tattoo artist spent working on his ankle
Would like to erase the hour when he had to confront his father after getting busted having sex on the water bed.  You should also know that he and his then- girlfriend had spread butter all over the mattress (???), so they were shiny
Had to hold his 4- year- old step-daughter down while she got stitches IN HER FACE... she was bitten by a half dog/ half wolf mix.  Why do people own those things?
Had to sit with lawyers for a paternity suit on a kid... wasn't his kid
Was having sex in a tent and realized that someone was watching him.  The guy was eating potato chips (Barbeque Lays, if you care) and finally started to 'boo' the performance and throw chips at him. 
In elementary school, he decided to not eat his packed lunch for awhile (we don't know why) so he'd bring his sandwiches home and hide them behind the bed (again, we don't know why), but when his parents discovered his cache of uneaten sandwiches, he blamed his younger brother... who got his lit up.  He said he felt so bad about it that he really wished he could have taken back.  We asked him why he didn't just fess it up to it at the time if he felt so bad.  Turns out, he didn't feel THAT bad about it
Visited a friend at WSU one weekend... got super drunk and super stoned and ended up sh*tting himself in the dorm kitchen
Would like the hour back that he had a "Devil's 3- way" with his buddy and his buddy's pregnant wife.  Damn.
Made out with the HR woman at the office Christmas party... ended up losing his job, not because he kissed her, but because he picked a fight with a co-worker who giving his sh*t about kissing her
Used to date a doctor, but they broke up.  After the brake- up, he played the field (it was big field) and got himself a case of gonorrhea.  Naturally, he went to the clinic... the doctor was his ex
OK bitches, I'm ready to start my weekend... so I'm gonna, but first,
read this from our friend Jarrah. (It involves chicken dip)
Until we meet again, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/08/2013 5:39PM
SHOW # 1675 MARCH 08 2013
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