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The town of Bridgewater, New Jersey has a turkey vulture problem.  See, the birds make Bridgewater home during the winter, leaving behind "foul smelling and acidic droppings on roof tops and lawns"... not unlike the average resident of Jersey of itself.  Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, the birds creep out the residents who live there.  So, why not just shoot them, you ask?  Because they're federally protected, I answer.  In an effort to scare the birds away, the folks at the U.S. Department of Agriculture are helping the residents string up the carcasses of DEAD turkey vultures.  The idea is that upon seeing their dead brothers strung upside down, the living birds will be scared away.  I would be, if I walked into a town with hundreds of dead people hanging from trees, so I see what they're saying.  Seems like a good solution.  Depending on the problem, you can trust that someone has come up with their own solution or remedy.  If you have the hiccups, there's no shortage of suggestions for how to get rid of them.  There are a million ideas for how to prevent kids from swearing; wash their mouth out with soap, use hot sauce, or the ill- advised 'swear jar'.  I say 'ill- advised' because most little kids I know do not have a job, so the only money they can give you is YOURS.  Weak.  Anyway, everyone has a secret or a remedy for something, and today we asked you to fill- in- the- blank:  HERE'S MY SECRET FOR PREVENTING _______________.
Not a lot of answers today, but here are some of the things we 'learned' (???) today:
For a headache, massage the pressure point between your thumb and your index finger
According to a sailor, a quick puff of weed will help with sea sickness
Back to the world of headaches; apparently ginger root is a surefire cure
According to a lovely young woman, if you have dry skin, use pure coconut oil... not only will your skin heal, but the smell should attract fire ants.  She didn't say this part... I just added that. 
When his allergies hit, he mixes 1/16th a teaspoon of wasabi with a half cup of water... in 15 minutes, he feels better
Need to cure a hangover?  You now you do... pot brownies.  I don't know; THC and alcohol make me feel worse, but that's just me.
Moist Copenhagen snuff on a bee sting or mosquito bites will make the pain or the welt go away
That was pretty much what we got today.  I don't know if any of this works, as my go- to for pretty much everything is either weed or beer.  Seriously.  I've that, when done at the right times, either one can help in a pinch. 
Dave Grohl has spent the last few years putting together and movie called 'Sound City'... a documentary about the legendary recording studio.  The movie is really, really good... if you love music history, and just plain cool if you don't.  Anyway, the accompanying soundtrack f**king rips, and Jolene played us a few clips from it.  The tune "Can't to Can" is a monster f**king jam.  Here's a link:
OK bitches, I'm outta here.  Forgot there was a f**king Sounders game tonight!  Goddammit to Hell!
Until tomorrow, you are cool, you are the breeze, so STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/12/2013 5:34PM
SHOW # 1676 MARCH 12 2013
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