SHOW # 1677 MARCH 13 2013

Last night in Lincoln City, Oregon, police stormed into a motel room and captured Michael Boyston, the jackass who killed his grandparents last Saturday in suburban Seattle.  he'd just been released from prison and was greeted with a welcome home party.  In return, he killed them and the manhunt was on.  It didn't help that he'd threatened to kill law enforcement in ADDITION to more of his family members... it also didn't help that the Monroe Correctional Facility didn't offer up that little nugget of info until AFTER he'd killed his grandparents, but either way, the manhunt was on and he was found.  Most of us remember Colton Harris- Moore, a.k.a., the 'Barefoot Bandit'.  This kid was on the law from the authorities for quite a while, as he stole cars, boats, planes, etc, and even took pictures of himself doing it.  Somehow, the American authorities we unable to track him down... but thanks to the police in the Bahamas, he was eventually taken into custody.  The guy stole so many things from so many people, that in spite of being in jail for the last few years, they're STILL bringing charges against him.  Last week, a guy formerly known as the "Sunset bandit" called into the show.  He served his time for the seven banks the authorities KNOW he robbed, although we got the distinct feeling that he's responsible for more than that, but the feds know what they know.  Anyway, the one thing they all have in common is that they were all chased down at some point.  In honor of these folks, we asked:  WHO WAS AFTER YOU... AND WHY?
Did a prank where he jumps out of a car and is chased... it was all fun and games until someone mistook it as a kidnapping... in spite of the fact that he was dressed like a banana
Homeland Security came after her and her boyfriend for taking pictures of trains.  Actually, Homeland Security approached them because they were parked between railroad tracks having sex in a car, but the agent noticed the camera
Had to run from the cops and cop dogs... for breaking curfew
Was mistaken as the girlfriend of a Puerto Rican drug lord... was followed by multiple people asking her where their money was, where their drugs were, etc.  Eventually it was all sorted out, but uncomfortable in the meantime.
Built a dry ice bomb (???) and threw it out the window of a college dorm.  Multiple security forces swept the campus, but he was never caught
Took his buddy to buy a new pistol.  Afterwards, they stopped at the bank to make a night deposit.  Someone saw them with a gun and assumed the same thing any of us would and called the cops.  The cops (and SWAT) met him at his house. After much explanation it was all cleared up.
Alright bitches, I'm done for the day.
Until tomorrow, slap my flapjacks and STAY BEAUTIFUL!" 

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03/13/2013 5:25PM
SHOW # 1677 MARCH 13 2013
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