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We've all heard that stupid saying, "men are from Mars, women are from Venus", well, news flash, we're all from Earth, but yea, we're different on many, many levels.  Between the folks at Cosmo and the virtual folks at eHarmony, we have a bunch of lists about the things that men do to annoy women and the things women do to annoy men.  Nothing on the lists will shock you, as they're pretty general and very obvious, but when you're in a relationship, you accept the generalities and the obvious, it's the SPECIFIC stuff that drives you crazy or, in some cases, proves to be a deal- breaker.  We also have another letter to "Dear Prudence" from a guy who loves his girlfriend of 3 years but is hesitant to propose because of one
peculiar behavior
Maybe your significant other chews with their mouth open, maybe they clip their toenails at the coffee table or maybe, just maybe, every time they yawn they sound like Tarzan.  PAST OR PRESENT, WHAT LITTLE THING ABOUT YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER DROVE OR DRIVES YOU NUTS?
His wife takes of her shoes and leaves then in the middle of the floor or the middle of the hallway... he's constantly kicking them
An ex- girlfriend would always go on about how good or bad her ex's were in the sack... she never understood why he wasn't in the mood after her discussions
Wife will never take the trash out... just let's it fill up and overflow
He can't explain why it bothered him so much, but an ex- girlfriend of his would dip her Ranch Doritos in ranch dressing
She never puts anything back in the fridge and never closes the cupboards
She leaves her beer and/ or soda tops on the counter and never puts them in the trash
His current squeeze not only owns stuffed animals (red flag!) she TALKS to them!  And no, she is not underage
His ex used to always go through his phone... why do women go through men's crap? 
Wife uses the bathroom in the middle of the night, which is fine, but she never flushes the toilet, which is NOT fine
When he's on the phone, his wife corrects him or tells him what to say, so he always gets up and leaves the room.  I always leave the room too, but only because I'm trying to be nice.  I, personally, hate hearing people on the phone and assume everyone else feels the same
Her husband "always" has to poop right before they walk out the door to go somewhere... drives her nuts
His girlfriend hasn't initiated sex ONCE since they've been together.  They've been together for 3 YEARS
Her husband puts his cigarette butts in his front pocket.  One day he might experience berries flambé
Go ahead and review all of the answers from today.  Chances are, you or your significant other are guilty of or responsible for at least 50% of everything listed above.  Just know, whatever it is, you're not alone. 
Jolene joined us today to remind us that we're old.  See, today is the 30th anniversary of both Pink Floyd's "The Final Cut" (which was not their final cut, after all.  "Division Bell" rocked, by the way) and ZZ Top's "Eliminator", which was a bad- ass game changer.  Loved "Eliminator", but I can't believe it's been 30 Goddamn years.Check out Jolene's blog here 
OK bitches, it's a wrap.  I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, watch what you want and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/19/2013 5:26PM
SHOW # 1681 MARCH 19 2013
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