SHOW # 1684 MARCH 22 2013

A woman in North Carolina just caught her husband cheating and naturally, she wanted some revenge.  Did she sleep with his best friend?  No.  Did she buy a billboard calling him out?  Yes she did.  A woman in British Columbia also caught her husband cheating.  She too, wanted revenge?  Did SHE sleep with his best friend?  Nope.  Did she sell all of his crap at a yard sale?  Yep.  Thing about revenge is that very often, it's kinda funny and very often creative.  That's what we wanted to hear about today:  IF REVENGE IS A DISH BEST SERVED COLD, HOW DID YOU SERVE IT OR HOW WAS IT SERVED TO YOU?
I apologize for the lack of blog today, but frankly, it's my birthday so I feel justifiably lazy.  It's probably no really that justifiable, but that's my excuse. 
Not sure what I'm going to do tonight, but if I do it right, I'll have no recollection of it by tomorrow.
Bitches, have yourselves a fine weekend. 
Until Monday, do what you do best and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/22/2013 5:14PM
SHOW # 1684 MARCH 22 2013
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03/22/2013 6:14PM
Happy Birthday!!!
happy day of birth Thrill, hope it is great! i love you and your show! i listen every entertaining... Love Faerie Girl
03/22/2013 6:52PM
Happy birthday thrill
Love the show and one day hope you guys do a listener party in kitsap county. Love to drink a beer with ya.
03/22/2013 8:49PM
Happy Birthday Thrill!
Hope you have a fantastic day, and get what you most desire! Love wickedandworn
03/26/2013 4:47PM
Happy Belated Thrill
Happy Birthday, I hope u did say at the end of your "Stay Beautiful" & partied hardy.....................
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