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It's been done since the invention of ink; someone passes out and someone else draws a d*ck on their face.  It happened Friday night in Virginia.  The difference is, when the guy woke up and discovered the drawing on his face, he freaked out and beat the living hell outta his roommate.  He was arrested for 'malicious wounding'.  Insult to injury; the penis was sill on his face in his mug shot.  Meanwhile, a disabled guy was awarded $8000 by Disneyland after he was trapped on the "It's a Small World" ride for 30 minutes.  Even after being freed from the ride, it took him 3 hours before he could be medically stabilized.  What was the problem?  The song "It's a Small World" played continuously while he was stranded.  And then there's the story we hear way too often; road rage.  There's a video on the internet right now featuring a 40- year- old man who punches the driver of a truck in the face after he was cut off.  Naturally, a fight ensues and ends with gunfire.  Chill out.  Anyway, this brought us to today's question:  WHAT WAS IT THAT MADE YOU SNAP?
When his drill sergeant made an off- color comment about his mother he lost his mind.  Seriously... after beating the sh*t out of the DS, he was in a straight jacket in a padded room for the next 15 years
Like the question's inspiration, he ALSO got stuck on "It's Small World".  He was 16 and got stuck on the thing for 45 minutes!  They never stopped playing the song.  That should be a requirement; if the sh*tty ride breaks down, turn off that Goddman song
He's a guy... he works with all women
Tried to run a VW bus off the road with his log truck after they intentionally cut him off
When she was 7 months pregnant, she freaked out on the sandwich "artist" because they'd run out of Italian dressing.  Bitch be trippin'
His wife filed for divorce on Monday and left with his car.  As a result of losing his car, he couldn't get to work on Tuesday, so he was fired.  The good news is that he has some condition (that I can't remember the name of) that prevents him from freaking out about anything.  He sounded positively happy to tell us his troubles.  Weird
Some dude called him a "fag", so in return, he beat the guy senseless... also fractured part of the guy's skull, so charges are pending
Snaps when he sees people litter.  Don't litter
His name is Christopher, but it's spelled Kristophfer.  He gets angry when people make fun of it.  He SHOULD be mad at his parents, who decided at birth to ruin his life.
OK bitches, I'm suffering from a well- earned hangover from last night. 
Until tomorrow, smoke 'em if you got 'em and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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03/27/2013 6:05PM
SHOW # 1687 MARCH 27 2013
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