SHOW # 1689 APRIL 1 2013

Today is Monday, so, as we do every Monday, asked our Monday Random Question, which is way too much of a pain in the ass to recreate here.  Instead, I simply pose some of the questions we didn't intend to ponder today.
-When is your immediate family no longer your immediate family?  Is it when you get married?  Is it when your siblings get married?  I ask because we had a guy call who said that he is the only member of his immediate family because he's single, yet, he has a brother and sister and both parents. 
-Do motocross tours bring their own dirt city to city?  We really wanted to know.  Turns out that the answer is no.  Apparently, each city has it's own supply of dirt.
-Why are Mexican's regarded as the "best" labor out there, yet everyone complains about Mexicans "taking" jobs.
-Is there a such thing as a 'monkey sitter'?  Like, if you own a monkey and have to go out of town, who watches your monkey?
-Is it Jared Leto, as in "LEE- toe", or Jared Leto as in "LET- oh?
-Is there any body part you could receive, unsolicited, in the mail and NOT be disturbed?
Like I said, none of these were our Random Questions, but they were random questions that popped up through the course of the show.  None of them are important, but they're important to us. 
OK, that's all I've got today; apologies to Big Ben.
Until tomorrow, hit me with your best shot (don't, really) and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/01/2013 5:27PM
SHOW # 1689 APRIL 1 2013
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