SHOW #1690 APRIL 2 2013

Only in New Jersey is this kind of thing even necessary, but Governor Chris Christie just signed into law, a measure that will ban children under 17- years- old from using commercial tanning beds and kids under 14 from getting spray tanned.  What inspired the new law?  Ever been to New Jersey?  In addition to the fact that a healthy dose of the population prefers an Oompa- loompa pitina, that women nicknamed "Tan Mom" had attempted to bring her 5- year- old daughter to a tanning booth.  After much unwanted attention, New Jersey has decided to outlaw children from pursuing the "Jersey Glow".  Nevertheless, in the case of the 5- year- old, with a mother like that, that kid is doomed to be a future Snooki.  You only know what you know.  For example, Jayden Smith and Gwyneth Paltrow have both gone on record explaining how "hard" they've had to work to establish themselves in Hollywood... in spite 9of the fact that each of them are the offspring of Hollywood royalty.  They have no idea how easy it was for them, relative to the effort that other folks have put in.  But like I said, you know what you know.  Remember Josh Powell?  It was hard to figure out what had so very wrong in his life... until we were introduced to his father.  Suddenly, all of the tragic pieces fell into place.  We all inherit some kind of tradition, good or not, voluntarily or not, from out parents, so today we wanted to know:  INTENTIONALLY OR NOT, WHAT FAMILY TRADITION DO YOU CARRY ON?
18 years on, he continues the tradition of wrapping him and his family in Christmas lights, taking a picture and using it as a Christmas card
Every Easter, he and his extended family go to his mother's house and color Easter eggs
Every Christmas day, "A Christmas Story" is played ALL DAY on the TV.  No one is allowed to change the channel.  Says it drives her crazy, but keeps the tradition going
Always hangs out late after concerts, sporting events, etc, to avoid dealing with the crowd.  I do the same thing.  If there's a bar close, it makes all the difference
All of the men in his family go by their middle names.  That would encourage me to give my son a RIDICULOUS first name
Will only by Best Foods Mayonnaise.  Says she uses only enough to "lube the noodle".  I don't know what that means, but I like the sound of it... I think
Always watches "Die Hard" on Christmas Eve
Eats steak and eggs every Easter morning for breakfast.  Her grandfather served in WW2 and one Easter morning, his platoon was told that they were going on a suicide mission, so they were given steak and eggs for breakfast.  Gramps survived, but brought the tradition home
For some reason, every family member who celebrates a birthday is treated to butter being shoved up their nose (???)
Jolene provided us with "10 Surprising Seattle Music Factoids".  For example, Bing Crosby is from Tacoma. 
Didn't know that sh*t.
OK bitches, I'm outta here.
Until tomorrow, rub it raw and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/02/2013 5:40PM
SHOW #1690 APRIL 2 2013
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