SHOW # 1694 APRIL 8 2013

It was the Monday Random Question today, so as I do every Monday, I'll avoid the 'question we asked/ answer you gave' part, and just share with you what we learned today:
Sheryl Crow (who was in the building today) has no interest in joining us on the air.  Must have been our "Live Strong" bracelets. 
People will text the phrase "garlic farts" just because we asked them to... even though we never actually asked anyone to text "garlic farts".
Dogs can and may give you a r*m job while you're having sex... sex with another person.  Want to be clear about that.
Imitating Shannon Sharpe is a great way to pass the time.  If you're not familiar with the verbal eloquence of Mr. Sharpe, let me phrase it like this; 'imitating Tharpe ith a great way to path the time.'
That's pretty much all we learned today.
Until tomorrow, bang it and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/08/2013 5:43PM
SHOW # 1694 APRIL 8 2013
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