SHOW # 1695 APRIL 9 2013

I know country singer Brad Paisley by name and nothing else.  Couldn't pick him out of a line- up and couldn't tell you a song he sings... until now.  Well, I haven't HEARD the song, but we've hearing ABOUT his latest single; some tune he collaborated on with L.L. Cool J called "Accidental Racist".  Apparently, the inspiration came from an incident where Brad was rocking a shirt for the band Alabama that featured a Confederate flag.  As a result, he was harassed on Twitter and accused of being a racist... hence, 'accidental racist'.  Our very show has been accused of being racist, or at the very least, racially insensitive, because of the game "Black, White, Mexi or Jew".  If you're like anyone else in modern America, you've probably been accused of being racist too.  Or maybe you cracked the wrong joke and were instantly labeled a homophobe, a sexist, a rapist, a molester or any other of a myriad of negative types.  Sometimes you step in a big old pile of "oops" and earn yourself an unwanted label.  On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes you're showered with accolades because an intensely personal decision had a positive impact on those around you... even though none of the beneficiaries crossed your mind at the time.  Take Captain "Sully" Sullenberger, the U.S. Airways pilot who landed a disabled jet in the Hudson River back in 2009... saving the lives of each and every passenger and crew member.  It was a great thing and, he is, for sure, to be commended... but come on, HE didn't wanna die that day... everyone else benefited from that.  If I'm driving a car and I avoid going over a cliff... and you HAPPEN to be a passenger... no offense, I didn't avoid the cliff for you.  Call me a hero if you want, but I was protecting my own hide.  Anyway, this leads us to today's question:  WHEN WERE YOU ACCIDENTALLY LABELLED SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT?
Accused of being a skin head because he's a big white dude with a shaved head... and because the grocery store he worked at didn't cash money orders
When he was in prison, his cell mate was gay, so everyone thought he was too.  Yea, I had the same problem when I dated a guy.
She's Asian, her husband is in the military, so everyone assumes she's a 'citizenship bride'... they also assume her English is terrible, so, as Americans do, people talk loudly to her... because that helps people to understand what you're saying
He's a Level 1 sex offender... when he was 18, he met a girl in church and both the girl AND her mom said she was 17... she was 14.  He spent 5 years in jail
His name is Jose... Jose is not Hispanic... but we still wanna see his papers
His name is Terrell... Terell is white... or so he says!
More cowbell?  Jolene brought it.  Well, she brought the Top 10 Cowboy Songs of All Time. 
Here's the link:
OK, I'm outta here.  Tomorrow is hump day!  Do you know what that means?!?  Seriously, I'm asking... it's just Wednesday, and I can promise you that as of right now, 5:17 pm on Tuesday, we have absolutely nothing planned.  We rarely do.  In fact, our Question of the Day is usually decided around 1:30 each day.  Sad but true.
Until tomorrow, shake the money maker and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/09/2013 5:28PM
SHOW # 1695 APRIL 9 2013
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