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Sure, 2013 is no longer the 'new year', it's just the current year, but that doesn't mean that we're not holding out hope that 2013 will erase some of the annoying fads of 2012.  To that end, we got our hands on a list of '22 Terrible Things That Must End in 2013".  We're not talking about things like sectarian violence, famine or racial profiling, we're talking about that ridiculous crap like Instagramming food, drop- crotch pants and pretending that bacon is something newly discovered.  It's not.  It's delicious, but bacon being delicious is OLD news.  Really old news.  We get it... sometimes you get sucked into a craze, even if you know it's stupid.  If you own a Shake- weight or a Snuggie, you know exactly what we're talking about.  Hell, when 'Friends' was still on the air (pre- syndication), every woman I knew wanted her hair cut however Jennifer Aniston had her hair cut.  I don't know why, but that was the case.  So, maybe it's something as simple as being on FaceBook or Twitter, but today we wanted to know:  WHAT FAD OR TREND, PAST OR PRESENT, SUCKED YOU IN?
Spandex pants... HOMEMADE spandex pants because he grew up poor.  In an unrelated note, his wife's name is November.  I've met an April, a May and a June, but not a November
The Harlem Shake... I'm very happy to say that while I've heard of the 'Harlem Shake', I have no idea what it is, and I like it that way
The Atkins Diet... that was one of those fads that lasted waaaaayyy longer than I thought it would
Cosplay... dressed like cartoon characters in high school, and I don't know why
BowFlex... you might recognize the BowFlex as that thing holding people's jackets
Clogs... not the silly plastic things people wear now, but those Dutch, wooden shoes from back in the day.  The guy who called said they were comfortable if you didn't actually walk anywhere
The flavored- water craze
Loves her yoga pants... hopefully she looks good in them
Got a Hot Diggity Dogger for a wedding gift... used it religiously until a group of Christmas carrolers spotted him eating a hot dog naked.  His wife threw it out the next day
Got into the flannel shirt phase and has been there ever since
'Solo Albums That Sent Musicians Back to Their Main Bands'... that was the theme of today's 'Sit and Spin' and it was as entertaining as the title suggested it would be.  Check out Jolene's blog for a more in depth breakdown.
Sometimes when you speak, you inadvertently choose the wrong words to convey your message and the message you end up sending is, well, it's really f**ked up.  We had two significant such moments today:
"When I get the chance to pick out sexy underwear for a woman, I always pick little boy shorts... no, no, I mean SMALL shorts that guys would usually wear!" - Thee Ted Smith
"I wanna put a hot dog in my bread slot!  That's not what I meant.  I meant, I wanna toast a hot dog in my toaster."  -Moi (that's Miss Piggy speak for 'me')
I'm outta here. 
Until tomorrow, pray for Biff Johnson and STAY BEAUTIFUL!"

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04/16/2013 5:48PM
SHOW # 1700 APRIL 16 2013
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